Sunday, January 6, 2019

Drag365: #6- Ducky Sheaboi

Name: Ducky Sheaboi

Where can we find you out and about?: Current gigs taking place at Icon in Astoria and Flower Power Coffee House in Glendale.

Why Drag?: Why NOT drag? Drag can have every element of entertainment within a 3 minute number! It’s a fun way to network. However, the community aspect is the best reason to do drag.

What made you start drag?: I have gone to queer bars and clubs since I was 18. The biggest highlights of a night are when the shows start. Seeing a queen command a room was a feeling that really empowered me to be proud of being part of such a vibrant community. I wanted to become a reason people come to queer spaces rather than just being a spectator.

Who are you drag inspirations?: I definitely draw inspiration from my Southern roots. Southern women have perfected big hair meets going to the function, honey. They incorporate a lot of color into their wardrobe that I really enjoy. However, the biggest impact on my looks is how I listen to music and consider what type of lady Ducky could adapt elements of to best portray the look.

Your favorite part of drag is _____?: The community! From the patrons, bar managers, to the other amazing queens out there it’s impossible not to find the social aspect intoxicating.

What is your number one makeup secret?: Prayer. I can’t afford plastic surgery to shave down this jawline, so prayer is going to have to work for now.

The three must haves of drag are _____?: Clean wigs and wardrobe, a vodka tonic, and good vibes.

Who are some of your favorite drag artists, designers, stylists, producers, etc. to collaborate with?: The ICONIC family has been essential in further developing Ducky as a personality and performer. Heidi Haux, who hosts and mentors throughout the competition, has been such an inspiration on how to constantly take drag to the next level. She’s so stunning but keeps it real - can’t get any better than that.

What has been the most rewarding moment in your drag career?: Honestly, spitting butter into a crowd during ICONIC Season 1. I have never felt more alive!

If you were to do one character on Snatch Game, who would it be and why?: I was Paula Deen during ICONIC Season 1 and I would honestly stay true to her. I am working on a new Paula number, so we’ll see how it goes.

How can drag change the world?: I wish I had a grand answer for this, but I’m going to answer with a more simple approach. I feel like drag can change the world by offering people of all types an escape from the “normal” through entertainment. We should allow ourselves more fantasy in our lives and I think drag is such a beautiful escape into fantasy.

What is the biggest tip you can give a queen starting out today?: Queen, don’t get caught up in catching guest spots. Put your business mind to work and create your own space while still getting those guest spots and features. But more importantly, don’t be a mean queen because there’s always someone meaner and more successful that’s going to let you know what’s up - just have fun and work hard!

Social Media: Instagram @ducky_sheaboi

For more of Ducky, visit @titndrag355!