Friday, January 4, 2019

Drag365: #4- Coco Taylor

Name: Coco Taylor

Where can we find you out and about?: I’m at Rockbar every Tuesday at 9pm hosting my show Cuckoo for Coco.

Why Drag?: Because TheaterWorks USA stopped calling.

What made you start drag?: The first bite was the penultimate Fire Island Drag Party. Then New York Comic Con and a handful of local competitions where unwitting audience members paid me cash to act a fool.

Who are you drag inspirations?: The comedy queens of yesteryear: Coco Peru, Varla Jean Merman, Evie Harris and Dina Martina to name a few.

Your favorite part of drag is _____?: When a joke or mix lands with an audience and they scream.

What is your number one makeup secret?: Alcone Stop The Sweat. You don’t know how many eyebrows I lost to perspiration before finding that.

The three must haves of drag are _____?: Mine are all non-physical: wit, intelligence and empathy.

Who are some of your favorite drag artists, designers, stylists, producers, etc. to collaborate with?: I love Perspective Beats for hair. DJ JClef is my rock during my shows. Nicole Onoscopi is always ready to dive clown-feet in first.

What has been the most rewarding moment in your drag career?: Hosting the Miss Rockbar contest and seeing the diversity (and multitude) of queens competing was a huge accomplishment.

If you were to do one character on Snatch Game, who would it be and why?: Katharine Hepburn. Easy to make her funny and I’ve already done her once.

How can drag change the world?: Opening people’s eyes to new experiences and new ideas.

What is the biggest tip you can give a queen starting out today?: Be patient and be selective. You’ll be tempted to always buy another dress, buy another palette, kill yourself to be out every night. Growing yourself and your aesthetic is important.

Social Media: @CocoTaylorNYC. Coco Taylor because of my name, NYC because I often forget where I live.

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