Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Drag365: #2- Novaczar

Name: Novaczar

Where can we find you out and about?: I perform in Queens, Manhattan and Brooklyn! Icon for open stages in Astoria, Marci Park in Williamsburg, Offside Tavern on 14th street in Manhattan to name a few!

Why Drag?: Drag allows me to get more in touch with my creative side and live out my leading lady fantasies I was always told I’ve never be able to live out growing up.

What made you start drag?: Seeing Sasha Velour compete on RuPaul’s Dragrace Season 9

Who are you drag inspirations?: Sasha Velour and Vander Von Odd

Your favorite part of drag is _____?: Being able to be my own director, producer, choreographer, costume designer

What is your number one makeup secret?: I don’t set my entire face with powder

The three must haves of drag are _____?:  Charisma, Uniqueness, nerve and TALENT! HA! That’s four.

Who are some of your favorite drag artists, designers, stylists, producers, etc. to collaborate with?: Madelynn Hatter when it comes to hair, my good friend Ryan Ward when it comes to costumes, my roommate Mikey Dallas too, Jonathan Vasquez when it comes to photography, Gilda Wabbitt when it comes to one of my favorite queens to work with and same with DJ JCLEF

What has been the most rewarding moment in your drag career?: Being embraced, respected and supported by the entire NYC nightlife community

If you were to do one character on Snatch Game, who would it be and why?: Probably something out there like “Old Gregg” because no one would expect it AND his one liners are HILARIOUS!

How can drag change the world?: Drag can change the world because it’s an artform that can bring together almost any artform if you use you creative mind set enough

What is the biggest tip you can give a queen starting out today?: Have a vision and no matter what anyone says, keep that vision and drive alive and well. Don’t let anyone tell you you can’t do something

Social Media: Instagram/Facebook/Venmo: @novaczar Cashapp: @novaczarqueen

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