Saturday, May 5, 2018

Review: Harmonies Spring Into Greenroom 42

by Michael Block

Unless you’ve been stuck under a rock then you know that Stephanie’s Child is the hottest thing to happen to New York City’s drag scene. They blew up even more after their guest appearance alongside NYC’s own Nedra Belle on "The Voice". And now Stephanie’s Child is back at Greenroom 42 once again to show us why they’re the bee’s knees. Spring Fling is a celebration of our favorite girl groups through the ages. With harmonies that will make you wet, this singing drag trio continues on their road to superstardom.
photo by Michael Block
Comprised of Jan Sport, Lagoona Bloo, and Rosé, Stephanie’s Child may be best known for their transformation of pop songs with a drag twist. And in Spring Fling, they don’t disappoint as they bring their signature sound to the stage. From the Pointer Sisters to Destiny’s Child, Pussycat Dolls to Danity Kane, almost every girl group got the Stephanie’s Child treatment. The vocal acrobatics from song to song keeps the crowd jumping from their stage. On this night, Jan and Rosé paid homage to the Spice Girls with a raunchy rendition of “2 Becomes 1.” Lagoona Bloo was given her moment in the spotlight as she covered The Shirelles’ “Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow.” It’s safe to say that this was one of the most emotionally-driven and breathtaking performances that you can only dream of witnessing. Be fortunate if you were one of the lucky few to hear Lagoona stop the show and bring the house down.
The Stephanie’s Child stage show is a unique animal as it’s a concert placed in a cabaret setting that tries to disguise itself as a bar show. That’s because the dialogue between numbers is similar to something you might find at a typical drag show. However, in this venue, a tighter, more streamlined script may be in order. The audience is here for their vocal prowess, not necessarily the sidetracked banter. A concentrated script will help the show keep moving along and give the audience more of what they desire.
Stephanie’s Child is the real deal. If you haven’t checked them out at Greenroom 42, do it before they’re too big for the stage. They have a monthly residency so be sure to see what’s in store next.