Saturday, March 17, 2018

Drag365: Show #62: SLAY Saturdays at Hardware

Ruby Roo // photo by Michael Block
Day: Saturday, March 3rd               

Show: SLAY Saturdays   

Location: Hardware

Queens Seen: Lagoona Bloo (@lagoonabloonyc), Ruby Roo (@rubyrubyroo)

Lagoona Bloo // photo by Michael Block
Who doesn't like a party? Every Saturday night at Hardware, Lagoona Bloo and Ruby Roo host SLAY Saturdays, a dance party like no other. The room is filled with haze and the beats, from the amazing DJ 2 Face, are pulsating. There's sweat dripping off of bouncing bodies. The dance floor is a home to those ready to let loose and wiggle until their heart's content. Rather than back to back shows, Ruby and Lagoona mingle with the kids and turn the party with pop up shows. There's something about nostalgia that seems to work wonders here at SLAY. Lagoona danced the night away with some Britney Spears and "Fergalicious." Ruby took on a little Panic at the Disco with "I Write Sins Not Tragedies" firmly planting herself on the stage and serving emo pop. You can bet nearly every single person in that room knew the lyrics. Their individual energies are exactly what an event like this needs.
Dancing isn't for everyone. But sometimes you need to blow off some steam. So when dancing is on the menu, look no further than Hardware on a Saturday night. At SLAY Saturdays, you get dancing and a show. What can be better than that?