Saturday, March 10, 2018

Drag365: Show #58- Poppy's Playhouse at The West End

Serena Tea, Blair Bitch, Diana Dash, Poppy, Frankie D'Vine, Obscura, Miz Diamond Wigfall //
photo by Michel Block
Day: Wednesday, February 28th             

Show: Poppy's Playhouse  

Location: The West End

Queens Seen: Poppy (@thecolorpoppy), Blair Bitch (@blairbitchnyc), Frankie D'Vine (@frankiedvine), Diana Dash (@diana.dash), Miz Diamond Wigfall (@mizdiamondwigfall), Obscura (@officialobscura), Serena Tea (@bellbottomprincess)

After winning season 4 of Ultimate Drag Pageant, Poppy has taken over New York City. Her monthly show, Poppy's Playhouse, is nothing short of a hoot and holler. For her February edition, Poppy invited a slew of performers to the Playhouse for a night of fun. After beginning the night with her signature opening number, Poppy played hostess as she gave the stage to her special friends. The kicked off with the Instagram look diva Blair Bitch paying homage to "Mulahn" with a twist on "Reflection." Diana Dash, looking poised and proper, gives a little Sondheim. She even handled herself beautifully when there was a little technical snafu. Miz Diamond Wigfall gave the kids a lesson on how not to do the "Star Spangled Banner" with a mashup of Fergie and Maya Rudolf. Coming all the way down from the Bronx, Serena Tea danced the house down with a "Vogue" remix and latter an impromptu "Hoedown Throwdown." Playing with death, Obscura upped the prop game with her take on "It's My Life." Rounding out the company was Frankie D'Vine with his demon look that terrified all. Poppy decided to give us all a surprise with a brand new mix inspired by Sugar Daddies. No matter the mix, Poppy knows how to serve the funny. No wonder she's one of the scenes' biggest rising star.
Going through this roster, Poppy compiled a diverse group of performers that each provided a special interpretation of drag. I look forward to another curated Poppy's Playhouse in the future!