Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Drag365: Show #55- Cancer is a Drag at Albatross

Cherry Poppins // photo by Michael Block
Day: Sunday, February 25th             

Show: Cancer is a Drag  

Location: Albatross

Queens Seen: Cherry Poppins (@cherrypoppinsnyc), Diana Carfire (@dianacarfire), Bella Noche (@bellanochenyc), Boudoir LeFleur (@drag.witchbitch), Celah Doore (@celahdoorenyc), Cissy Walken (@misscissywalken), Gilda Wabbit (@gildawabbit), Whendy Whaxwood (@whendywhaxwood)

Gilda Wabbit // photo by Michael Block
When a sister comes knock, you bet your ass that her sisters will be eager to help. Nic Baynum, partner of Bella Lemay, a former NYC drag queen, is battling a rare and aggressive form of cancer. To raise money for his treatments, a slew of queens stormed Astoria's Albatross to raise money for Nic. Hosted by Diana Carfire and Cherry Poppins, the evening, helped together by drag manager to the stars Lindsey Kay, was a success. With Bella Lemay being a theater queen, the majority of the set list happened to be from the musical theater cannon, including a drag suicide crafted by Bella herself. Between Alaska's "Hiiie" performed by Diana to Celah Doore doing "Don't Rain On My Parade" as performed by Lea Michele from "Glee" to Gilda Wabbit singing "On My Own," with a twist of course, the girls covered everything your little heart desired. The final roster of performers included hosts Cherry Poppins and Diana Carfire, Bella Noche, Boudoir LeFleur Celah Doore, Cissy Walken, Gilda Wabbit, and Whendy Whaxwood.
It truly was an intimate night of fun and friends brought together to help a good cause. Though the event may be over, there is always time to donate if you find it in your heart.