Thursday, February 22, 2018

Drag365: Show #43- Wabbit Hole Wednesdays at ICON

Gilda Wabbit // photo by Michael Block
Day: Wednesday, February 14th         

Show: Wabbit Hole Wednesdays

Location: ICON

Queens Seen: Gilda Wabbit (@gildawabbit), Aria Derci (@ariadercibaby)

Aria Derci // photo by Michael Block
If you don’t have a Valentine, don’t worry, spend Valentine’s Day with your Palentines! Wednesdays at Icon is Wabbit Hole Wednesdays with the illustrious Gilda Wabbit. Looking pretty in pink, Gilda celebrated the holiday of love with an intimate crowd of lovers and singles alike. The night was an exhilarating blend of genres, spanning love and fun. Gilda showcased her pipes with live sung “Sweet Transvestite” and a parody of “Defying Gravity” about double penetration. When it came to lip syncs, she gave us a little “Into You” by Paramore and a mix that included Dolly Parton’s classic “Baby I’m Burning.” As a theater lover herself, Gilda paid homage to the recently passed theater icon Jan Maxwell, a dear friend of mine, with a tribute to her Follies performance. The DJ of the night was the enchanting Aria Derci. Aria delivered a fabulous rendition of “Somebody to Love” by Queen, featuring a wig reveal and a rose petal reveal from her gloves. Sasha Velour is a true trendsetter! My palentines, David and Cole, played a round of Shots for Thots with the hostess, and boy was that fun to watch! Toward the end of the night, Gilda and Aria engaged in quite possibly the most tragic drag suicide ever, with a setlist of songs neither of them knew. The twist here was Gilda took a shot when she didn’t know a number. Let’s just say she was feeling good when the curtain closed.
Gilda Wabbit is quickly becoming one of the most prominent staples of the Astoria nightlife scene. And her stock is rising in the Manhattan drag scene as well. Just watch her take over, it’s bound to happen.