Saturday, February 10, 2018

Drag365- Show #35: Clarice Explains It All at ICON

Clarice DuBois // photo by Michael Block
Day: Tuesday, February 6th      

Show: Clarice Explains It All

Location: Icon 

Queens Seen: Clarice DuBois (@claricedubois), Izzy Uncut (@izzyuncut)

Izzy Uncut // photo by Michael Block
Once a month, Clarice DuBois takes over Tuesday night at ICON in Astoria for Clarice Explains It All. Joined by a handful of variety acts, Clarice and her friends put on a show to entertain the masses. With a set list of Broadway and Broadway and more Broadway, Clarice does what she does best. She brings a ditzy dumb (blonde) demeanor to the stage, which is a great contrast to her drag guest Izzy Uncut, who is the most dangerous performer there is. Now with padding, Izzy, who I jokingly called Miss Fit, throws herself around without care. Where there’s fear, there is entertainment! Between the leaps and splits and the leap from the top of the bar, Izzy stunned the audience. To fill the variety quota of the show, Clarice welcomed dancer Angela Joy, who did a wonderful routine to “The Bare Necessities,” and singer-songwriter Juliana Carr, who offered an original acoustic number of her own. Clarice invited some willing participants up from the audience to play an exciting game of Truth or Dare wheel where the winner would get tickets to Bright Colors And Bold Patterns. One of the players happened to be indragnito Instagram artist Jazzment, who sang a rousing verse of “The Circle of Life.” Later on in the night, the crowd got to ask Clarice anything. And this was her chance to honor the title of her show and explain something. In this episode, Clarice explained Bitcoin. And honestly, I still couldn’t tell you what it is. 
Clarice Explains It All is a fun night out in Astoria. For those seeking a little shake up in the drag viewing, Clarice gives you the variety you may be looking for.