Friday, February 9, 2018

Drag365: Show #33- Glamorosa Drag Brunch at Fresco's Cantina

Gloria Swansong, Golden Delicious // photo by Michael Block
Day: Sunday, February 4th     

Show: Glamorosa Drag Brunch

Location: Fresco’s Cantina 

Queens Seen: Gloria Swansong (@gloria_swansong), Golden Delicious (@msgoldendelicious)

If you like brunch and you like drag queens, why not combine the two into one! As the only drag brunch currently in Astoria, Gloria Swansong and Golden Delicious take over Fresco’s Cantina for a fabulous brunch show. This brunch show was a special one as the ladies tackled a football theme show to celebrate the Super Bowl. While they brought some of their favorite numbers, they gave the brunch goers an education on half time show performers. Did you know Carol Channing had one of her own? Shocking! Gloria and Golden have a fun back and forth with one another. They’re quick on their feet with a strong ability to keep the show moving as they stick to the script. Like the Fresco’s menu, you can get something savory in Gloria and something sweet in Golden. Golden Delicious may play ditzy and dumb but she’s a hell of a lot of fun, especially when it comes to her witty tongue. Gloria Swansong is easily one of, if not the most versatile performers in the city. Known for her impeccable Judy Garland, Gloria’s ability to transcend beyond the icon into top 40 territory and back speaks volumes to her talents. It’s all fun and games at Fresco’s. Golden and Gloria play a round of Diva tag and then take a volunteer from the crowd who willingly wants to make their drag debut. Our seating saw the debut of Katrina DeBreeze as she lip synced to Reba McIntyre’s “Fancy,” a song I suggested. Maybe it was the multiple carafes, but Katrina had the time of her life.
Whether you just stay for your meal or stick around to watch the entire set, Gloria and Golden make the trek to Fresco’s well worth it. The food is standard Mexican fare with some sweet choices and breakfast twists. I don’t many other places where you meal includes an entire carafe of breakfast booze.