Monday, February 5, 2018

Drag365: Show #30- Drag Race Viewing Party at The West End

Gloria Swansong, Vanna Deux, Shelby Late // photo by Michael Block
Day: Thursday, February 1st   

Show: Drag Race Viewing Party

Location: The West End

Queens Seen: Vanna Deux (@vanndeux), Gloria Swansong (@gloria_swansong), Shelby Late (@shelby_late)

It was a controversial episode and Vanna Deux was there to guide the crowd through the drama on screen, and at the show. Joined by vintage vixen Gloria Swansong and stellar songstress Shelby Late, Vanna held down the fort while a technical glitch caused a unique viewing experience for part of the show. Once the sound arrived, the show at the show began. Vanna sported a brand new ‪Dolly Parton inspired Bobbie Pins wig as she lived her country fantasy with Dolly’s cover of “Higher and Higher.” Shelby paid homage to the pop divas of today with ‪Demi Lovato’s “Daddy Issues” and a stunning rendition of Pink’s “Glitter in the Air.” Gloria gave us a party with “Let’s Have a Kiki” and a heart-wrenching rendition of “Back to Before” from Ragtime. Bartender Megan took to the front room stage singing her version of “Umbrella/Singing in the Rain” while some contestants attempted to lipsync for their drinks. It wouldn’t be a diva show if the classic icons didn’t arrive. Vanna and Gloria did an impromptu duet of Judy Garland and ‪Barbra Streisand’s “Get Happy/Happy Days.”
Despite the minor glitch, the staff of the West End took care of the Drag Fans with oopsie shots. They came in handy after the tv show’s results.