Thursday, February 1, 2018

Drag365: Show #27- Ultimate Drag Pageant, Week 2 at The West End

Nicole Onoscopi // photo by Michael Block
Day: Thursday, January 25th  

Show: Ultimate Drag Pageant, Week 2

Location: The West End

Queens Seen: Marti Gould Cummings (@martigcummings), Nedra Belle (@nedrabelle), Allura Borealis (@alluraborealis), Bambina Da Dondiva, Celah Doore (@celahdoorenyc), Carlos the Uber Driver (@carlostheuberdriver), Foolisha (@thefoolisha), Nicole Onoscopi (@nicoleonoscopi), Precious Envy (@theenvyofprecious), Shelby Late (@shelby_late), Tiffany Anne Coke (@tiffanyannecoke)

Tiffany Anne Coke, Carlos the Uber Driver // photo by Michael Block
Alright drag fans! We’re back for week two of the Ultimate Drag Pageant! Sponsored by House of La Rue, the theme for week 2 was Broadway. Nedra Belle was back alongside Marti and guest judges Tony d’Alelio and Juan Torres-Falcon. So how did the girls do honoring the Great White Way? Let’s find out! This season is unique having a couple compete against one another. In a big risk for the competition, Carlos the Uber Driver and Tiffany Anne Coke decided to share the stage in a tribute to Chicago. Carlos took on the role of Velma Kelly while Tiffany sported the blonde wig as Roxie Hart. Backed up by sexy dancing boys and original choreography, Carlos and Tiffany each took a stab at their characters’ infamous solos before doing the dance duet of all dance duets, the “Hot Honey Rag.” These chorus boys by day looked comfortable as leading ladies at night. It was safe, yet visually stimulating. Next up was Shelby Late honoring Gypsy with a live sung number. Two costume reveals, gorgeous costumes, and a stunning wig weren’t the stars of this number. Oh no, it was the gimmick Shelby surprised us all with: balloons! She blew up those silly clown balloons to create a hat for a one, Miss Juicy Lui, who was in the audience indragneto. When you got a gimmick, you best show it off if you want to stand out! Dare I say defiling Little Shop of Horrors, Nicole Onoscopi turned out a parody of “Grow For Me,” equating a blood-thirsty plant to a blood-thirsty penis. With a little collaboration from someone who may or may not be writing this article, Nicole took an idea and ran with it, never afraid of going too far. Did it pay off? Wait to find out! With a trifecta of live sung numbers in a row, Foolisha showed off the incredible pipes you may not known she had. Singing “Wig in a Box”, Foolisha got the crowd singing along. Bambina took on the diva slot of the night by performing a dance to Dreamgirls’ “One Night Only.” Despite a reveal mishap and a late game stumble, Bambina brought it all. Precious Envy went with a number that was a drastic turn from the previous week with a lip sync to “Fly Fly Away” from Catch Me If You Can. She let the ballad keep her grounded as the lyrics soared. Easily the most emotional number of the night, Allura Borealis gave us her rendition of “He Used to Be Mine” from Waitress. If there is one word to describe the number it was vulnerability. Rounding out the night was Celah Doore bringing the campy comedy with “Killer Instinct” from Bring It On. Rather than a straight up number, she mixed in names of some of the “Shade: Queens of NYC cast” for comic effect.
Foolisha // photo by Michael Block
For the second week in a row, the judges and I were unanimous in our winner of the week. Nicole Onoscopi and her rag-filled “Grow For Me” walked away the gift certificate to House of La Rue. Can Nicole keep up the momentum going into Hollywood week or will week 1 winner Gina Tonic, fresh from her trip from Hollywood come back for the top spot? Or will one of the other eight make this competition interesting and emerge as a front runner? Check out week three of the Ultimate Drag Pageant on February 1st at 11:00pm, only at The West End.