Sunday, January 7, 2018

Drag365: Show #5- Snatched to the Future at Precious Metal

Gloria Swansong, Gina Tonic, Allegra Spread // photo by Michael Block
Day: Saturday, January 6th   

Show: Snatched to the Future 

Location: Precious Metal

Queens Seen: Gina Tonic (@itsginatonic), Allegra Spread (@allegradrag), Gloria Swansong (@gloria_swansong)

Gina Tonic debuted her new show Snatched to the Future at Precious Metal to room of fans and patrons alike. Paying homage to a singular decade or era at each show, Gina kicked off her series with the roaring 20s. With a little help from her friends Gloria Swansong and Allegra Spread, the crowd, some decked in period attire, went on the journey to the past alongside the queens in a boozy, jazzy evening of entertainment. Precious Metal is a unique spot with their own clientele. It’s maybe not necessarily a place you’d expect a drag show of this nature. But everyone was ready to play along, even the hipsters of Brooklyn, who were not quite ready for the show. Gina’s strength in bringing a night together was evident in Snatched to the Future. The night flowed seamlessly, while it was able to adapt to the unique setting. While she may be the center of attention, Gina graciously gave the spotlight over to her guests. Gloria Swansong’s ability to command a room is incomparable. Like a bug to a light, she has an inimitable aura that draws you in. Gloria Swansong is a premiere vintage queen. Allegra Spread has a spirit and soul that was perfect for the decade, yet easily transcends. Allegra has a sexy, sultry allure that keeps you wanting more.  The majority of the set list was inspired by songs or stories of the time, including the musicals The Wild Party and Chicago and a jazz-stirred rendition of Taylor Swift’s “Blank Space.” Gina did jump up a decade with some Cabaret numbers, but the audience didn’t seem to mind.
If you’re looking for theme shows, Snatched to the Future may be exactly what you’re looking for. If you haven’t been to Precious Metal before, it truly is a special space to drink and be merry. Next month, Gina will time travel to the 80s for what is sure to be a party