Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Drag365: Show #25- Poppy's Playhouse at The West End

Poppy // photo by Michael Block
Day: Wednesday, January 24th 

Show: Poppy’s Playhouse

Location: The West End

Queens Seen: Poppy (@thecolorpoppy), Vanna Deux (@vannadeux)

Vanna Deux // photo by Michael Block
You heard it here first: Poppy is going to be a superstar. You also heard it here first: Poppy and Vanna Deux are a drag duo you never knew you wanted but so desperately needed. After being crowned the winner of season 4 of the Ultimate Drag Pageant, Poppy was granted her own Wednesday night show at The West End. It’s a delightful little ditty of a show where Poppy provides playful mixes and introduces fans and new friends to her insatiable brand of insanity. But this night. This was the night we all have been waiting for. The night where Poppy welcomed Vanna Deux, the first runner up from season 4 of the Ultimate Drag Pageant, to the stage. Would this rivalry be the next Bette vs Joan? Tonya vs Nancy? Elphaba vs Glinda? Cat vs Dog? Well, actually yes to that one. This fabricated rivalry is enjoyable to watch together because where there’s loathing there’s also a hell of a lot of love and admiration. Both queens offer a different brand of comedy and performance. One is more on the classic end of the spectrum while the other pushes it off the edge. Together, that’s entertainment. Poppy is the queen of the mix. Each mix she puts together is strategic. Each beat is carefully planned. Each joke melts into the next. Whether it’s thematic or storytelling, the amount of though she puts in sets them above the rest. Poppy also happens to be unintentionally hilarious. When she’s not trying to be funny, she’s funny. Case in point: her soulful rendition of Lady Gaga’s “A Million Reasons.” Watch the video. There are a million reasons why you’ll put it on repeat. Vanna’s evening included her classics as well, but pulled out a new look for the occasion. While some called her Violet Beauregarde, it had essences of a modern working girl who doesn’t give an f. While they didn’t necessarily do a standard duo routine, their banter made up for it. Though they did present battling dog and cat mixes and a finale of ABBA’s “Dancing Queen.”
It’s a joy to watch the top tier performers in New York City. But there’s something exciting when you know you’re watching the emerging queens who are destined to be that top tier soon. Keep a look out for when you can see them again. You won’t want to miss it.