Sunday, January 28, 2018

Drag365: Show #19- Stronger Together- a benefit at Hardware

Jan Sport, Lagoona Bloo, Brita Filter, Rose // photo by Michael Block
Day: Tuesday, January 16th

Show: Stronger Together- a benefit

Location: Hardware

Queens Seen: Brita Filter (@thebritafilter), Celah Doore (@celahdoorenyc), Cherry Poppins (@cherrypoppinsnyc), Chelsea Piers (@thechelseapiers),  Gloria Swansong (@gloria_swansong), Jan Sport (@jansport), Lagoona Bloo (@lagoonabloonyc), Rose (rosewithanaccent), Vanna Deux (@vannadeux)

Vanna Deux // photo by Michael Block
Celah Doore // photo by Michael Block
The LGBTQ community is notorious for banding together when tragedy strikes. And when it happens right at home, there’s no doubt that we’ll come to help those in need. On Tuesday, January 16th, the time slot for The Brita Filter Show at Hardware was turned into a benefit show for Frankie Ross, who lost everything in a fire in Harlem just a week before. Bringing a star studded group of entertainers, Brita and company raised over $800 for Frankie Ross. Stronger Together was just that. Brita’s lineup included the ladies of Stephanie’s Child, Jan Sport, Lagoona Bloo, and Rose, Chelsea Piers, Vanna Deux, Cherry Poppins, Celah Door, Gloria Swansong, Anthony Paparelli, and Ian Joseph. The large crowd gladly threw money at the performers as it went straight to Frankie. Watching Frankie see the money come in warms the soul. It was a look of gratitude and pure astonishment. From Stephanie’s Child performing their “Grindr Sisters” staple to Brita filling the crowd up with her classics to Ian’s stunning ballad to Vanna’s high energy Pokemon number to Jan’s exceptional Mariah tea mix, we got it all in just over two hours.
Brita has stated that she intends to do a benefit show monthly during her time slot. When a queen can use her platform and give back to the community, it makes the community stronger. The reception of just how gracious the performers and audience were kept this night alive. I look forward to the next benefit show Brita puts on!