Thursday, January 25, 2018

Drag365: Show #16- Let's Make a Deal at Boots and Saddle

Christina Ashton // photo by Michael Block
Day: Sunday, January 14th 

Show: Let’s Make a Deal

Location: Boots and Saddle

Queens Seen: Christina Ashton, Petti Cake (@petticakee)

Petti Cake // photo by Michael Block
Day drag. Some queens hate it. But you know who doesn’t? Drunk people finishing brunch! Every ‪Sunday from 3:00pm-5:00pm, Christina Ashton hosts a game show at Boots at Saddle. While it was the final installment of Let’s Make A Deal, it will certainly be a memorable one. With special guest Petti Cake, the recent runner up to Ms. Ashton in Miss West Village, the afternoon featured an array of colorful contestants. The most colorful of the bunch was Wendy who participated in a round of Cher trivia. When a question led to an uneducated discussion of transgender issues from the contestant, the game promptly took a turn. Oh Wendy. While you’d think the newly dating couple who barely knew each other would be exciting, it was the lip sync battle featuring Rocco and his bum that seemed to completely stop the show. The daytime crowd just was not prepared. Christina and Petti have cute banter, going back and forth about trying to snatch the crown away while throwing jabs at tenure and age. While it was an afternoon of nothing but games, the reprieve with numbers lived the crowd. Between your very own Cher concert from Christina and Petti bringing every style of dance to the floor, variety truly was the spice of life.
The show has been given a rebranding, now turning into Christina’s version of Match Game, spending your afternoon with fun and games is a great way to wind down from Brunch.