Thursday, November 30, 2017

Review: Out of the Boxx

By Michael Block

When it comes to the world of Drag Race, she may be best remembered for her feud-filled relationship with Mimi Imfurst on Drag Race All Stars, but Pandora Boxx is an all star comedy queen. Returning to the Laurie Beechman with her newest show, Insert Title Here, is laugh fest.
photo by Michael Block
After a brilliant video package, Pandora comes to the stage adorned in a poop emoji dress while singing about poop with a dancing poop montage behind her. It’s gross out humor in the campiest of fashions. Along with lists written on some unique items to stories, parodies, and some exquisite shade, Insert Title Here is a well structured piece. Pandora has a subtle way of doing comedy. It’s not big. It’s not too crude. It just happens. It comes naturally. It’s a great brand and unique to her. Season 2 of Drag Race was more a fashion showcase rather than the show its evolved to today. Pandora didn’t necessarily get to shine her brightest with these parameters. But in a venue like this, her campy persona is welcome and adored. The way the evening is structured is very generic to a show of this caliber. She brings songs, stories, and shade, interspersing a video to cover up a costume change. Her standup style of storytelling lends itself well to the show. If anything can be amped up, it’s the overall energy. With a lackadaisical brand, any missed joke highlights the occasional cricket.
Insert Title Here is just what the drag doctor ordered. It’s not a big and bold show, but not everything needs to be. Pandora Boxx is a true all star.