Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Ridin' That Train with...Lauren J. Thomas

Name: Lauren J Thomas

Hometown: Wallingford, PA (outside Philly)

Education: Acting BFA from Boston University

Who do you play in The Goree All-Girl String Band?: Georgia

Describe your character in three words: Tough & sexy with some wooden-teeth!

Tell us about The Goree All-Girl String Band: An amazing true story about how a radio-show helped people see the humanity in these young women behind bars, and how music gave them back their lives.

Describe The Goree All-Girl String Band in three words: perseverance, sisterhood, resilience

What instruments do you play in the show?: violin (and maybe a little mandolin!)

What's your favorite country song?: "Landslide"

Who's your favorite country artist of all time?: I never listened to much country music before this show, so this show has introduced me to the genre and many styles of fiddling, thanks especially to my cast-mate Kendra Jo!

What is your favorite moment in The Goree All-Girl String Band?: It's pretty exciting when the 6 of us play for the first time together at the end of Act I for the song "Riding that Train"

What is the most rewarding thing about being a part of the Goree team?: Getting to learn part of American's prison history and work with an incredible group of artists and musicians. I've also gotten to hear a lot more blue-grass bands in NYC, thanks to the cast!

Why is this show important now?: For me, this show is an important reminder of what music can do for people, and why funding for the arts is so important!

Why should we come see The Goree All-Girl String Band?: You'll learn about a part of American history you might not have known before, and you'll get to hear some great music!

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