Thursday, March 2, 2017

Review: Get Ready to Be Shocked and Amazed!

By Kaila Stokes

Illusion of Choice was a magical and constant portrayal of the choice or lack thereof humans have in this world. If you are a conspiracy theorist than this show would certainly tickle your fancy. Kardenni is a charming host to all of the illusions that happen and is very good at his job. The show is audience interactive, but not in a scary way – in a way that makes you feel like you’re making a decision in terms of the direction that the show is going. Not to spoil it, but you don’t. And it is encouraged to challenge this idea that you have a choice, but you will be stunned.
The show starts off with a mischievous and rather sexy bunny person dancing and making trouble on the stage for Kardenni. I think that this portion was a little too long and unnecessary. The audience would have completely understood if Kardenni came on stage in the beginning and then the bunny started wreaking havoc throughout the show, which she does. The bunny was there to distract the audience I am sure and she did a lovely job throughout, the beginning just needed some tweaking.
photo by Yvonne Suhor
As soon as Kardenni came out on stage, he owned it. In a show with audience interactive activities, Kardenni could improvise with the best of them. It was quite impressive and became part of his charm that he was always one step ahead of you. The writing did not feel scripted, which is a nod to writers Dennis Friebe and Antwan Towner. The transitions were seamless and the flow of the show was very natural.
Illusion of Choice was like participating in the only cool science class in high school. You got to do things that you didn’t even wonder about, but now you do. It was engaging, funny, clever, and overall impressive. The running time is about an hour, so it would make a great date night! Illusion of Choice is highly suggested for a good laugh and to practice your shocked face…because you will be awed.