Sunday, November 6, 2016

Review: Perfect in Pink

By Michael Block

RuPaul’s Drag Race is a platform for Drag Queens to showcase their craft for the world. But there’s only so much time per episode, per season, for one to truly offer it all. With a platform comes more visibility. And with more visibility comes greater appreciation. Enter Trixie Mattel. The season 7 queen is a fan favorite. And it’s clear why. In her solo stand up spectacular Ages 3 and Up, Trixie Mattel defines what makes her a true triple threat.
Taking over the Laurie Beechman Theatre, Ages 3 and Up is a night of comedy, song, dance, and everything we love about Trixie Mattel. It’s a complete and thorough show. With digs and references to the show that made her life in plastic dreams come true, Trixie Mattel digs deep into how a gay BFA theatre major finds a purpose through a drag persona. From stories of life on the road and the aftermath of fraternizing with some unclean fans, Trixie Mattel’s unrivaled comedy is on display in this laugh-a-minute show. For fans of her and best gal pal Katya’s online series “UNHhhh”, it should come of no surprise just how funny she is. They have impeccable chemistry as a pair because they are so drastically contrasting personas. And on her own, it’s clear Trixie is the driver of that “UNHhhh” train. Trixie Mattel has a dry cynical wit to her that counters the pretty pink persona. It defines her brand. She’s even a smart parody writer when she takes on A Chorus Line’s “Dance Ten, Looks Three”, replacing those tits and ass lines with hips and pads. The number was a great vehicle for those eager for a well-rounded drag number but by far the highlight of the night was when she stripped things down. She wipes out her guitar for an acoustic song she wrote as Brian Firkus. It’s lyrically raw, bringing out a strikingly beautiful and vulnerable performance.
Who says you have to be a winner to be a star? Trixie Mattel is a star. No, a superstar. While she may be in a league of her own, Ages 3 and Up puts her in the top echelon of Drag Race alum. If an All Star 3 should happen, you might as well hand her the check and crown her in all her glory.