Friday, August 5, 2016

Spotlight On...Todd "Tif" Fernandez

Name:  Todd "Tif" Fernandez

Hometown:  Tampa, Florida

Education:  Masters of Law in Human Rights

Favorite Credits:  I was in Grease, The Cradle Will Rock, West Side Story, and performed in a high-school group in 1980 called Sound System, which was a lot like Glee today.  But my favorite credit is my gay-rights activism and creating The Equality Pledge Network, where over 250 LGBTQ and allied groups united to demand the filing of The Equality Act, a federal bill for full LGBT civil rights.  
Why theater?:  Because I'm an old show tune queen and music is my soul.

Tell us about That's MISS FITS, to YOU!: MISS FITS is about a mystical spirit guide who inspires great moments of community liberation, like the Stonewall Riots & Rosa Parks.  Set as a mystery-musical, four drag Divas take us along a fascinating journey with a big reveal.  It has lots of dragalicious production numbers, and some deep stories of polygender self-love.

What inspired you to write That's MISS FITS, to YOU!?: In 2001, musical started pouring out of me suddenly, and MISS FITS, was my third musical in five years.   I later realized the music was my catharsis.  After writing it, I went to Africa for a year, and ended up back in the closet as a gay man at the age of 44.  This reconnected me to the childhood trauma I had long forgotten, and turned me into a full-time gay rights activist.   I now see that Miss Fits was guiding me, and now to the stage we go!

What kind of theater speaks to you? What or who inspires you as an artist?:  I love melodies and the old school songs that make you feel something because the lyrics and harmonics connect at a deep spiritual level.

If you could work with anyone you’ve yet to work with, who would it be?: Barbra Streisand.  The one and only.

What show have you recommended to your friends?:  That's MISS FITS, to YOU! opening August 13th in NYC.   Ha.   Another show?   I still love The King & I, the first musical I saw in NYC when I was 14 back in 1977, with Constance Towers & Yul Brynner.  I'd like to sing Anna's role, in semi-drag, full soprano one day.  Or maybe play LIza in Cabaret.

Who would play you in a movie about yourself and what would it be called?: A younger Richard Dryfus, as my lawyer side, and Bette Midler as my Radical Faerie side.  We'll call it "Serious-Sassy-Sally".  

If you could go back in time and see any play or musical you missed, what would it be?:  Barbra Streisand in Funny Girl.

What’s your biggest guilty pleasure?:   Dancing to Lady Bunny at the Monster, after singing around the piano up stairs.   The other is going to Orchard Beach in the Bronx, where there's a secluded gay-mostly island in the woods.  It's paradise really.

If you weren’t working in theater, you would be _____?:   I unfortunately, don't work in theater.  It's more of a passion hobby.  But come see the show, and if you like my music, I’m available to compose!

What’s up next?: I think I'm going to work on Hillary's campaign in Michigan to help seal the deal.  #MadamPresident2016

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