Monday, April 25, 2016

The Rulers: A Sneak Peek into Rule of 7x7: April Edition

April is here and so is another Rule of 7x7 at The Tank! Rule of 7x7: April Edition also marks the return of Brett Epstein as host! Rule of 7x7: April Editions runs April 29th at 7:00pm and 9:30pm!

The Rulers

Name: Will Arbery

Hometown: Dallas, TX + Lander, WY

Education: B.A. at Kenyon College, MFA at Northwestern

What is your rule?: Page 5 must have the same question repeated 3 times.

Why did you pick your rule?: I just think people repeat themselves. And I like when people repeat themselves. I dunno, it's just that like when people repeat themselves.

Tell us about The Alignment System: It's based off of an element of Dungeons & Dragons, which I don't play, but which fascinates me. It's about people deciding where they fall on a grid. It's also about being drunk and honest, and about reality vs. escape.

Why should we check out Rule of 7x7?: This is actually my first Rule of 7x7! When I got back to New York from grad school, everyone was telling me I should do it. I've heard such wonderful things. And there are so many great people involved.

April showers bring May _____: asthma attacks.

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Name: Sarah Elizabeth Bedard

Hometown: Boston, MA

Education: MFA Acting from Brandeis University, BA in Theatre and Philosophy from Providence College

What is your rule?: Something no one else is allowed to touch.

Why did you pick your rule?: It seemed like a fun challenge to have an object hold that much weight.

Tell us about Sometimes I’m Scared of You: Three women, lots of wine and a wild time.

Why should we check out Rule of 7x7?: Because it’s always a great time and an awesome way to see how seven different people challenge themselves to create new work.

April showers bring May _____: mud.

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Name: Cary Gitter

Hometown: Leonia, NJ

Education: NYU

What is your rule?: Tennis.

Why did you pick your rule?: Because I played first singles on, and was captain of, the Leonia High School varsity tennis team—my proudest achievement in life. Also, I own a tennis racket that can be used as a funny prop.

Tell us about Talk Dirty to Me: A guy and a girl are gonna sleep together for the first time. He's super nice. She wants some dirty sex stuff. It's a problem.

Why should we check out Rule of 7x7?: Because you can watch the suffering of seven playwrights constricted by seven arbitrary rules that inhibit their pure artistic expression. Also, it's cheap and fast and funny and awesome.

April showers bring May _____: Tears of Rage .

Name: Drew Lewis

Hometown: Hastings-on-Hudson (2 hyphens)

Education: Attended the same Undergrad as Will Arbery, but not his grad school

What is your rule?: Nudity.

Why did you pick your rule?: To get people naked.

Tell us about Friend Hug: I wrote it while flying JetBlue. It's about the blurred line that exists between friends and lovers. Nothing to do with airplanes. But now you know I was high when I wrote it.

Why should we check out Rule of 7x7?: To see all the nudity

April showers bring May _____: Nudity.

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Name: Rachel Lin

Hometown: New York City (by way of the UK)

Education: NYU

What is your rule?: One character goes in for a ____ as another character goes in for a _____.

Why did you pick your rule?: I enjoy watching mistakes that aren't mistakes.

Tell us about Mixed Doubles: Inspired by the Pixie's "Hey" and my own upcoming high school reunion - it's about how we can't help but do things that we know are bad for us sometimes.

Why should we check out Rule of 7x7?: Sexy playwrights. Beautiful people. Brett returns.

April showers bring May _____: Anxiety that it's almost summer, and then Fall, and then 2017 before we know it.

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Name: Catya McMullen

Hometown: NYC

Education: UNC Chapel Hill

What is your rule?: Someone performs a heroic act on page 1.

Why did you pick your rule?: I like heroism!

Tell us about Batman's Poopy Pants: The play is about a toddler who only answers to "Batman," and his teenage babysitter who has snuck a girl in to do a science project and also...maybe...get it on. The rules were great for this one and this conceit, of the toddler coming out every few minutes and causing havoc works great with it. The play is insane and a lot of fun.

Why should we check out Rule of 7x7?: It's astronomical amounts of fun.

April showers bring May _____: Buttstuff.

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Name: Colin Waitt

Hometown: St. Cloud, MN

Education: Royal Central School of Speech and Drama (Masters), University of Minnesota--Twin Cities (BA)

What is your rule?: Passive Aggression.

Why did you pick your rule?: I am from the midwest.  I like passive aggression.

Tell us about Bedbugs: Two roommates in the midst of a bedbug infestation prepare their apartment for fumigation when one of their boyfriends makes an unexpected visit.  Bedbugs are the worst, but our funny cast is the best.  The more I write, the more I realize that I enjoy laughter in the abyss.  This play continues that trend.

Why should we check out Rule of 7x7?: It's all about the neon palm tree right outside the building.  Also, the night is a lot of fun.  This month Brett is back in town.  If that's not enough to get you to The Tank, I don't know what is.

April showers bring May _____: Tourists.

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