Monday, April 4, 2016

Technically Speaking with...Elizabeth Frino

Name: Elizabeth Frino

Hometown: Pompton Plains, NJ

Education: Lehigh University

Favorite Credits: Scenic Designer for Romeo and Juliet, Props Master for Peter and the Starcatcher, Scenic Artist for Every Tongue Confess

Why theater?: I love how theater brings designs and creative ideas to life.

What is your role on Primary?: Props Designer

Tell us about Primary: Primary follows the life of a passionate woman who dreams of change, her unsupportive husband and their intelligent little girl during the Clinton Impeachment hearings. Laura Hollister senses a need for change in the government and after a surprising nomination decides to run for State Representative. Arthur, Laura’s husband has trouble believing in her, leaving their daughter Sophie in the middle where she maturely forms her own opinions on the family’s situation.

What inspired you to design Primary?: 90s sitcoms/my childhood. This show is totally the 90s from Sophie’s love of Sailor moon to the Clinton Impeachment hearings.

What kind of theater speaks to you? What or who inspires you as an artist?: Right now I am into more realistic theater.  I am interested in plays that I can easily relate to and that force me to think deeper into my own life. Anything and everything inspires me as an artist. It really depends on the show and the world it is set in.

What makes a design “successful”?: A successful design takes the audience out of the reality of their lives and into a new world.  

How do you approach your work individually and collaboratively?: I read a play three times before I do any research or start designing. Then I like to have several discussions with the design team to see how they perceived the play and to gain a better understanding of the show.

What is your favorite part about the collaboration process?: Working with other creative minds.

If you could design any play or musical you’ve yet to design, what would it be?: Probably Cabaret because it is my favorite musical, and I would love the opportunity to work on a musical.

What’s up next?: More props and more painting. I will be the Props Master for Paloma at the Kitchen Theatre, Scenic Designer for Bad Jews at Lehigh University and I’ll be spending my summer in Maine designing and creating props.

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