Monday, February 22, 2016

The Rulers: A Sneek Peak into Rule of 7x7: February Edition

The weather changes from frigid to mild in just a day so it must be February. And another Rule of 7x7 is coming to The Tank! So to get you ready for Thursday's show at 7:00pm and 9:30pm, we have a glimpse into the seven rulers AND the special guest host!

The Guest Host

Name: Rachel Lin

Hometown: Brooklyn, NY via Manchester, UK

Education: BFA, NYU Tisch

As an actor, what has been your favorite 7x7 experience so far?: Rehearsing Jenny Morris's On My Honor directed by Courtney Ulrich with Briana Pozner, Lydian Blossom, and Kristin Friedlander -- we could not keep it together! Those ladies made me laugh so hard, I (secretly) peed my pants a little. Also, working with Ugo Chukwu & Dan McCabe. Those guys are just the best. Also, getting to play a lesbian named "Ronda" written by Abby Rosebrock.  Basically, all of them.

How did you get involved with guest hosting Rule of 7x7?: Brett maintains a highly selective screening process for Rule of 7 hosts. I'm not at liberty to discuss what it entails at length, but I can say that it involves pumpkin flavored coffee drinks, top 100 songs from the 90s, and trips to the Patriot (Tribeca's finest watering hole).

What can we expect to see at Rule of 7x7?: Sexy idiots having a great time together.

 Why should we check out Rule of 7x7?: Come for the plays. Stay for the party.

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The Rulers

Name: Matt Cox

Hometown: Rowlett, TX

Education: Tarleton State University (Home of the Texans.)

What is your rule?: Texas. (I sense a theme.)

Why did you pick your rule?: I could say something about wanting to find a connection to my upbringing, but really I just thought it would be funny and people could do silly accents.

Tell us about Cool Chefs JR. The Live Season Finale: CCJ: TLSF is about that one part of all full season based reality shows where they are about to announce the winner, but take that one last commercial break right before the results. In CCJ:TLSF, that sequence of events continues happening for 10 years on a children's cooking competition.

What can we expect to see at Rule of 7x7?: 7 very different ways to interpret 7 sentences and/ or words. It's always fun to see what some writer's instincts are.

Why should we check out Rule of 7x7?: Because a great time will be had by all.

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Name: Cary Gitter

Hometown: Leonia, New Jersey

Education: BFA in dramatic writing and MA in English and American literature from NYU

What is your rule?: Judaism.

Why did you pick your rule?: Because I'm Jewish.

Tell us about Circumcision: A young Jewish couple go to see a mohel (a performer of ritual circumcisions) about their unborn son's bris. Chaos ensues.

What can we expect to see at Rule of 7x7?: Funny, outrageous short plays by talented writers, performed by fearless casts, helmed by great directors.

Why should we check out Rule of 7x7?: Because it's a fun, raucous night of theater, and it's cheap, and you get a free drink. What better way to spend Thursday night?

Name: Sylvia Khoury

Hometown: Purchase, NY

Education: New School MFA, Med School at Mt. Sinai!

What is your rule?: Clorox Wipes

Why did you pick your rule?: I'm a big fan. Actually, I buy Clorox spray and use it with paper towels. Lasts much longer.

Tell us about Welcome!: I feel like my soul has been laid bare in this one.

What can we expect to see at Rule of 7x7?: The programs crinkling as people point to the rules they recognize.

Why should we check out Rule of 7x7?: Because you can spend the whole time thinking about how 7x7=49 like I do.

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Name: David Meyers

Hometown: Fort Lee, New Jersey

Education: Way too much.

What is your rule?: The line "Did I do that?"

Why did you pick your rule?: Somehow "Family Matters" and Steve Urkel popped into my head. I'm interested to see if anyone uses the line in that context (I didn't).

Tell us about ISIS in Hollywood: ISIS in Hollywood is about a Jewish actor from New York who gets kidnaped by ISIS in Syria. It's a pretty provocative look at ISIS that will hopefully make you both laugh and think. Springtime for Hitler in Syria.

What can we expect to see at Rule of 7x7?: I've performed in and attended Rule of 7x7 in the past, and have always been blown away by all the talent onstage. I expect the same next Thursday.

Why should we check out Rule of 7x7?:  Come on - don't you want to see a comedy about ISIS?

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Name: Megan Sass

Hometown: Cincinnati, Ohio

Education: BFA, Syracuse University

What is your rule?: At some point, someone pretends that an inanimate object is talking to them.

Why did you pick your rule?: Pretending to speak to with inanimate  object is a great way to passively aggressively communicate something sincere to another human being.

Tell us about Clorox, Please: Members of the marketing team at Wet Ones work to outsell Clorox Wipes. And I can't be sure, but I'll bet that my play out-Jews that Jew writer who suggested the rule "Judaism."

What can we expect to see at Rule of 7x7?: Chaos, one-liners, sketch-level characters, and some degree of unintended improvisation.

Why should we check out Rule of 7x7?: It is likely that everyone involved; the actors, directors, writers, and producers are all taking some kind of risk. It's a lot of theatre packed into one evening, plus booze.

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Name: Jordan Swisher

Hometown: Lancaster, PA

Education: BA in Theatre/English.

What is your rule?: Someone must recite a complete dinner recipe.

Why did you pick your rule?: I like challenging actors – whether it be through difficult or complicated dialogue or physically demanding roles/actions.

Tell us about What We Found in Texas: My play is about a couple who travel to Texas in search of buried treasure. What they find is surprising but even more surprising is what they do with it.

What can we expect to see at Rule of 7x7?: You’re going to see some extremely creative minds putting together some of the most entertaining theatre in the city.

Why should we check out Rule of 7x7?: There is nothing like this anywhere else in NYC that I know of – yeah, you could go see a play or musical – same old stuff. This will be unlike anything you will see anywhere else. Seven completely different short plays all built from the same 7 rules.

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Name: Monica Trausch

Hometown: Los Angeles, CA

Education: UC Santa Barbara

What is your rule?: At the start of the play, someone is holding a grudge.

Why did you pick your rule?: Grudges are funny, revealing, and hopefully stir up conflict.

Tell us about End Zone Divas: An all female fantasy football league welcomes two new (unsuspecting) members.

What can we expect to see at Rule of 7x7?: Oreos. In my play, at least.

Why should we check out Rule of 7x7?: Lots of creativity, fun, and beer!