Saturday, February 27, 2016

Review: Tales from a Clencher

Do you grind your teeth without knowing? Then you might be a clencher. Do you find yourself tensing up in a relaxing mud bath? Then you might be a clencher. Do you over analyze the font choices in design? Then you might be a clencher. In Clenched, David Mogolov shares how a horrible sore throat led to a lifestyle change and a bit of self-awareness. Written and performed by Mogolov, this sit down comedian has a set which includes anecdotes about comic sans, the NFL, and the steps of unclenching.
Mogolov has an incredible rapport with his audience and a knack for comedic storytelling. He has them eating out of the palm of his hand. His geeky meek persona is fitting for the stories and his style. As a comedian, Mogolov shines but the way he crafts his evening is wonderful. Mogolove calls upon previous jokes allowing the bits to cone full circle. Just when you thought comic sans was in the clear, he brought it right back. And as a fellow fontoligist, I appreciated it all.
Director Steve Kleinedler helped ground and streamline Mogolov's piece by allowing him to keep it simple and precise. He kept Mogolov on pace, rarely allowing his tales to get long-winded. Engagement is key and Kleinedler knew how to get Mogolov to engage without pandering.
Theater doesn’t always have to be groundbreaking. Sometimes entertainment is just what we need. Clenched is a case of great comedy.