Sunday, February 28, 2016

Review: Sexual Revolution

Ah, the sexual awakenings of the adolescents. Oh the stories we could share. In Brad Lawrence’s The Gospel of Sherilyn Fenn, Lawrence takes us back to his teenage years, as he is provoked with temptation in the form of female nudity while dealing with the loss of faith following the suicide of a sibling.
Under the guidance of director Cyndi Freeman, Lawrence brings a story of finding himself through Playboy and late night Showtime in the Reagan era. With nothing but a story to share, Lawrence isn’t afraid of offering embarrassing anecdotes. And while some beats can be seen a mile away, when Lawrence does enter them into the arena, you still laugh because Lawrence makes it hilarious. Brad Lawrence is a particular kind of performer. Aside from being a hand actor, Lawrence is a mover. He brings himself close to the audience as a way of engagement and keeps things lively. For the most part, he has a speedy tongue. His monologue just shoots out of his mouth a millions miles per hour. But with speed comes reward. His fast-paced manner instantly allows the more dramatic beats to hit by simply slowing down his tempo. It allows the gravitas to shine.
Brad Lawrence has the power to make his story yours. And that’s the mark of a strong performer. The Gospel of Sherilyn Fenn is a good time with a good story.