Friday, August 28, 2015

Review: We All Live in a Clown Submarine

Want to go on an adventure like you've never experienced before? Then jump in Jaron and Slater's submarine, buckle your seat belts and get ready for a bumpy ride. Created and performed by Jaron Hollander and Slater Penney, the super talented duo take the audience on a wild journey in their submarine where anything can happen. From malfunctioning levers to getting high on oxygen to turning into wild jungle birds, their journey was nothing short of exciting. The Submarine Show is fun from start to finish. To keep things fresh, Jaron and Slater smash the fourth wall and bring the audience straight into the action. If you don't like audience participation, stay away. They will find you. The comedy is seamless. The transitions from moment to moment are clean. But keeping the show as a single sketch, Jaron and Slater could benefit from trimming down a bit. It gets a little repetitive, and there are only so many rows in the audience that they can pass through.
Jaron, Slater, and The Submarine Show allow your imagination to run wild by preaching to the less is more format. They could easily take their show on the road. And when the time is right, a big budget blockbuster could be their next venture or a Vegas take over.