Tuesday, June 2, 2015

The Rulers: A Sneak Peek into Rule of 7x7: (Almost) Summer Edition

To get you prepared for Rule of 7x7: (Almost) Summer Edition, take a little time and get to know the 7 playwrights and the 7 rules! Rule of 7x7: (Almost) Summer Edition plays The Tank, Monday, June 8th at 7:00pm and 9:30pm.

Meet the Writers

Name: Matt Barbot

Hometown: Brooklyn, NY

Education: Currently pursuing my MFA at Columbia

What is your rule?: "The last line of the play must be identical to the first line."

Why did you pick your rule?: I was interested in the challenge of returning to the start.

Tell us about Privacy: Privacy is a play about how two roommates negotiate their relationship after one is caught in a...compromising situation. Will they be able to move on?

What can we expect to see at Rule of 7x7?: Lots of awkward pauses, probably.

Why should we check out Rule of 7x7?: There's something to be said for what happens on stage after each playwright has contributed one unique way to make life difficult for the other six.

For more on Matt, follow him on Twitter @BarbotRobot

Name: Matt Cox

Hometown: Rowlett, Tx

Education: Stella Adler Studio of Acting, UCB Training Center, Tarleton State University.

What is your rule?: The Hamptons

Why did you pick your rule?: I wanted to make sure I included more of a 'where' rule.
The week of sending out the rules I happened to be going to the Hamptons with the Story Pirates, and well... I typed it out.

Tell us about The Madness of Captain Dread: I typically write adventure type stories but I've never managed to do a 10 minute version of one. This is my attempt at that. We follow the Pirate Captain known as Dread as he and his crew sail through the Sea of Madness. A sea known for making people go...mad. Can the captain hang on to his sanity? Or will he murder every member of his crew horribly? One of those happens.

What can we expect to see at Rule of 7x7?: some real great interpretations of words.

Why should we check out Rule of 7x7?: It's 7 short plays by great people, full of great actors. That seems like a good reason.

For more Matt, visit http://www.kapowigogo.com/ for tickets to the Kapow-i GoGo marathon at the PIT.

Name: Brett Epstein

Hometown: Hamden, CT

Education: Providence College (BA-- Theatre, Writing)

What is your rule?: "Her breasts felt like ___" or "His penis looked like ___."

Why did you pick your rule?: I love rules where the playwrights fill in the blank. AND I gave them a choice of breast or penis. Can't wait to see seven different (and I'm sure thoughtful and inspired) responses to what a breast could feel like/a penis could look like.

Tell us about Now & Then: The Male Version: It's inspired by the 1995 gem Now & Then. This (brilliant-yet-overly-sentimental) movie is about four (female) childhood friends from Shelby, Indiana who are reunited as adults. I used to watch it literally all the time. In my play, the characters are male. BAM.

What can we expect to see at Rule of 7x7?: A free beer in your hand.

Why should we check out Rule of 7x7?: No Rule Of is like a prior Rule Of. Different rules, writers, plays & creative teams every single time. It's a fun, hilarious theater party.

For more on Brett, visit www.ItsBrett.net, www.vimeo.com/channels/notbrothers and follow him on Twitter @ItsBrettDotNet

Name: Dan McCabe

Hometown: NYC

Education: Some

What is your rule?: In one line of dialogue a single word must be repeated 7 times.

Why did you pick your rule?: I though it'd be fun to see how many different ways a single word could be spoken.

Tell us about Hard Time For Real Hamptonites: It's about a duo of Hampton locals, hanging on the beach.

What can we expect to see at Rule of 7x7?: Da Ruckus.

Why should we check out Rule of 7x7?: It's always such a blast; a fun, supportive community with laughs and beers.  Come check us out!

Name: Donaldo Prescod

Hometown: Boston, MA

Education: MFA in Acting from The New School for Drama

What is your rule?: At some point in the play someone has to take pills.

Why did you pick your rule?: People pop pills for so many reasons so it'll be fun to see what the other writers come up with.

Tell us about Black People Are Dangerous: It is a dark comedy about race and serial killers, those two things together are rarely addressed and should be more often.

What can we expect to see at Rule of 7x7?: Hilarity and camaraderie.

Why should we check out Rule of 7x7?: It is always a good night of theater, and it's only getting stronger.

For more on Donaldo, visit www.donaldoprescod.com

Name: Jordan Swisher

Hometown: Lancaster, PA

Education: BA in Theatre

What is your rule?: "Jamboree"

Why did you pick your rule?: I love unusual or uncommon words. I haven't heard someone say Jamboree in a long time - so why not bring it back around and take it for a spin.

Tell us about Jamboree Jackson Joins the Circus: It's a goofy little piece about a 13 year old girl with aspirations to join the circus.

What can we expect to see at Rule of 7x7?: You're going to see 7 tremendously different plays that all were formed from the same 7 ingredients. It's like going to a restaurant and having seven courses, but the restaurant only had seven things in their fridge but they had these 7 crazy brilliant chefs so the courses ended up being way different in unexpected and beautiful ways and then the restaurant gets a ton of buzz on blogs and Twitter and then it gets all the Michelin Stars and becomes the most famous restaurant in NYC and the world. So really, who knows exactly what you'll see, but I promise some of it will make you laugh and some of it will make you feel and all of it will leave you feeling satisfied...just like that restaurant.

Why should we check out Rule of 7x7?: See above restaurant analogy but also - Rule Of's bring in the most amazing up and coming writers, directors, and actors in the City. Come see these people before they end up living in mansions in LA in between filming their next big budget blockbusters, or before you have to wait an hour by the stage door to catch them after their hit Broadway show. Or maybe they are normally just really busy so it can be hard to get to see them but you know they're going to be at Rule Of 7x7 on Monday June 8th - so that's another reason!

For more on Jordan, visit JordanSwisher.com

Name: Stephanie Swirsky

Hometown: Lincroft, New Jersey

Education: BA: NYU, MFA: USC

What is your rule?: Diane

Why did you pick your rule?: The name "Diane" came to my mind, and I wrote it down.

Tell us about Lower: My play, Lower is about a 29-year-old (former) dancer trying to start up her own workout class in her hometown in New Jersey. She's holding a free class and only her younger sister shows up. It's about reframing failure.

What can we expect to see at Rule of 7x7?: Lots of talent

Why should we check out Rule of 7x7?: So much talent

For more on Stephanie, visit stephanieswirsky.com