Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Punk or Provocateur with...Russell Sperberg

Name: Russell Sperberg

Hometown: Manhattan Beach, California

Tell us about Punk As Fuck: Punk As Fuck is a new play that explores the life of a fledgling punk (or is it metal? Maybe grunge?) band in the early nineties. It's about music, but it's also about the dynamics and relationships that arise around the music. It's about the love people try to find in both music and people. It's also about food and sex and going to the bathroom.

Describe Punk As Fuck in three words: Punk. As. Fuck.

Who do I play in Punk As Fuck: I play Lee, the bassist.

Describe your character in 3 words: Music. Doritos. Secrets.

Which company member is most likely to be in a band?: Preston, who plays Cage. I mean, he used to play in a skiffle band. That's pretty badass.

What would the name of my band be?: Big Fuckin' Sea Monsters. In high school, I had one band practice with friends and that was gonna be our band name. It was gonna be a quartet: two drummers, one electric bassist, and one guitarist playing an amplified acoustic guitar. The band never ended up happening, but that name is too good to let go.

What would be my punk rock stage name?: Spussell Rerberg

What is the best thing about being a part of Punk As Fuck?: The music? The people? The script? All of the above? Yeah, all of the above. It's a great group of folks, and it's a funny, exciting script to work on. There's a lot of stuff we have to figure out and interpret, and that's such an exhilarating challenge.

What is your favorite moment in Punk as Fuck?: I like the beginning. The way we start off the show is pretty ridiculous.

Why Punk as Fuck now?: Why not? The world can always use a little more punk music. The world can always use a little more love. And it's always nice to laugh.

Punk or Provocateur?: I think they're one in the same, but my loyalties have to lie with Punk.

Have you ever performed in rep before? What are the challenges/struggles?: No. Scheduling. Rehearsing. The usual. Thinking about how these two shows work together, what kind of message they send as a single unit. That's something both directors have emphasized, and I think it's something very important to consider when doing two shows in rep.

What are you most excited to see in the other play?: All of the double entendres! I've read the script and done a reading of it, and with each subsequent reading, I find some new joke. Really, I'm pumped to be overwhelmed by a barrage of Jacobean sex puns.

Why should we come see Punks and Provocateurs?: First of all, both are gonna be a ton of fun. They're being staged in such inclusive, fun ways - I firmly believe each night will just be a big ol' party. It's also refreshing to see theatre that asks questions about love and gender and identity and does so in an accessible, entertaining way. And tickets are cheap! Two quality shows for $20 total! Come on! That's a great deal.