Monday, June 1, 2015

Punk or Provocateur with...Quinn Wise

Name: Quinn Wise

Hometown: Madison, IN

Tell us about Punk As Fuck: Punk as Fuck is the story of transformative relationship told through the lens of a band rehearsal.

Describe Punk As Fuck in three words: Hopeful, Sexy, Beautiful

Who do I play in Punk As Fuck: Simon

Describe your character in 3 words: Shy, Passionate, Caring

Which company member is most likely to be in a band?: Russell Sperberg hands down

What would the name of my band be?: Face Hole

What would be my punk rock stage name?: Bloody Kitten

What is the best thing about being a part of Punk As Fuck?: The best part about being in Punk as Fuck is getting to work with such a small, intimate cast.  Being so small, it feels like we all have to experience the emotional roller-coaster that is Punk as Fuck and it's nice to have people to share that with.

What is your favorite moment in Punk as Fuck?: The phone call.  When you see it, you'll know.

Why Punk as Fuck now?: Punk as Fuck has to be done now because it's a great reminder to follow your heart at all costs.  No matter the risks, there's no time better than the present.

Punk or Provocateur?: Definitely Punk!

Have I ever performed in rep before? What are the challenges/struggles?: I have not!

What am I most excited to see in the other play?: I'm most excited to see all of the fighting.  The noises and sounds I've heard coming from their rehearsals make me excited in many ways.

Why should we come see Punks and Provocateurs?: You should come see Punks and Provocateurs because both shows will leave you feeling sexy and possibly rethinking all of your future relationships to come.