Friday, June 5, 2015

Punk or Provocateur with...Kisky Holwerda

Name: Kisky Holwerda

Hometown: Portland, Oregon

Tell us about Punk As Fuck: Punk as Fuck is an emotional roller coaster of a band rehearsal. We're stuck in a small town trying to make something of our lives and all our frustrations and emotions explode because we've made our world the band and its future but in the end there's not enough there to sustain it.

Describe Punk As Fuck in three words: Explosive, Young, Personal

Who do I play in Punk As Fuck: Cassandra

Describe your character in 3 words: Confused, Stuck, Defensive

Which company member is most likely to be in a band?: Apparently Preston WAS in a band so I feel like I should say him, but actually I'd put money on Russell, since he's the one always getting our act together in band practice.

What would the name of my band be?: Kiss-off (but with a bunch of random umlauts because metal)

What would be my punk rock stage name?: I'd probably stick with Kisky...

What is the best thing about being a part of Punk As Fuck?: Getting to play.  We have so much fun as a group since we're all constantly moving within the play.  It's been fun watching our dynamic change.  That and when we finally found our groove as a "band."  That was really cool.  But you still can't touch my cymbals, guys.

What is your favorite moment in Punk as Fuck?: Lee's "audition" to be in the band.  I actually cannot stop laughing when Russell and Preston do that scene.  I'm currently laughing just thinking about it.

Why Punk as Fuck now?: It's important to remember that we have all been young and angry and scared.  I feel like we tend to harp on whatever the youngest generation is for being unmotivated and stagnant, but it's important to remember that you always think you're moving, even when your entire world is a garage band, towards something bigger and better.

Punk or Provocateur?: PUNK. Come at me, bro!

Have you ever performed in rep before? What are the challenges/struggles?: No, as part of the smaller cast it's fun knowing that we're part of a larger production.

What are you most excited to see in the other play?: I'm excited to see some queer women! Women in theater, especially queer women, are still underrepresented and I'm excited to see Roaring Girl because it is a classical piece, but a classical piece where the women still have agency and don't revolve around their male counterparts.

Why should we come see Punks and Provocateurs?: These shows are so fun and have such incredible energy. It's a ROARING good time (see what I did there?).