Friday, March 27, 2015

The Rise and Fall of...Lyndsey Anderson

Name: Lyndsey Anderson          

Hometown: The simple answer is I’m a Southern girl with a Midwest adolescence and a Brooklyn adulthood.  

Education: B.A. Theatre, B.A. English: Indiana University

Favorite Credits: Lonesome Devil at Cloud City, Pizza Man (Austin Pendleton, dir.) Let Him Eat Steak at The Barrow Group Theatre

Tell us about Bread Arts Collective: We’re MacGuyver artists. Give us four clip lights, a guitar and some rope and we’ll give you a show. BREAD is a band of smart, sexy clowns with important issues on our brains and we want to party with YOU.

Tell us about Rise and Fall: Rise and Fall is a punk-speed, Bacchanalian party-show about the fate of Jimmy Gallagher and his Alaska Boys colliding with a trio of thieves at the newly-established bar, The Wealthy Fucker.

Why Rise and Fall now?: It’s an excellent time, especially here in New York City, to examine the rising trend of privilege: do whatever you want as long as you’ve got the money. This whole “best view that money can buy” philosophy is worth examining and, ultimately, worth discrediting.

What is it like to be a part of Rise and Fall and Bread Arts Collective?: It feels wonderful to know how you want to spend your time and to discover people who want to spend their time in exactly the same way.

Why should we come see Rise and Fall?: Come for the entertainment, stay for the community.

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