Tuesday, March 17, 2015

The Rise and Fall of...Giverny Petitmermet

Name: Giverny Petitmermet

Hometown: San Diego, Ca

Education: BFA in Acting/minor in Art History from Boston University

Favorite Credits: The Witches (The New Collectives), The Burning House (dir. Gina Rattan), and Wake (Aisling Arts)

Tell us about Bread Arts Collective: We are a group of theatre artists that have all worked together though the years. We finally decided to make the collaboration official. Our goal is to do good work, with people we love, and maybe make some dough.

Tell us about Rise and Fall: This piece started as a Columbia MFA in directing project of Eric Powell Holm. We threw the first production together in 6 days. So it had a wild, fly by the seat of your pants feeling to it. Despite any feelings of doubt, it all came together, and the audience loved it. The positive response led us to remount the show a few times, one night only sort of affairs. And now, here we are, at People Lounge, giving it a proper run.

Why Rise and Fall now?: Why not? It's a fun show, in a fun space, we have fun doing it and the audience has fun watching it.

What is it like to be a part of Rise and Fall and Bread Arts Collective?: It has been interesting seeing how Rise and Fall has grown, changed and morphed over the years. It's nice to have a piece to come back to and visit, like and old friend. Being part of BREAD is lovely. It is a gift to be able to do work with people you love and respect. It can be trying to make decisions as a group of 11, but this is a great group with which to figure it out.

Why should we come see Rise and Fall?: It's fun. It's a party. It thrives on a full audience. Butts in seats is a great thing.

For more on Giverny, visit http://www.givernypetitmermet.com/


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