Sunday, February 15, 2015

Go Go Time with...Michael Axelrod

Name: Michael Axelrod

Hometown: Wyncote, Pennsylvania

Education: Graduated from Skidmore College with a major in theater

Who do you play in Kapow-i GoGo?: Hicc-up GoGo, Kapow-i's 32 year old brother.

Describe your character(s) in three words: Happy-go-lucky, Eager, Conflicted.

Tell us about Kapow-i GoGo:  We're giving you pure fun.  This show is by far the most joyful one I've been a part of, with so many committed and talented people.  You're gonna laugh your butt off, while also feeling some FEELINGS along the way.

Describe Kapow-i GoGo in three words:  Insane, Adrenaline, Epic.

What’s the wildest costume you wear in Kapow-i GoGo?: Probably my shirtless look with black tape X's over my nipples.  It really hurts to take off!

What’s your favorite all-time afterschool cartoon?:  Oh many to choose from, but I'll say “Hey Arnold”.  So many great characters!

If you could be a character from any anime or cartoon, who would you be?:  Sailor Mercury from “Sailor Moon”.  I just want to throw bubbles at people.

Which company member has the most larger than life personality?:  Evan, when he's talking about little known Pokemon Trivia.

Which company member is most likely to get lost in this world?:  Keola.  No one will know except him though.

Most likely to actually be a cartoon character in real life?:  Hank!

Most likely to be a super villain?:  Colin.  It just works.

Most likely to go on an epic journey?:  Maddie.  She's the hardest working actor I know, who'll go to any lengths for performance perfection.

Who’s the best fighter?:  Alex Gould, our fighting guru.

Revenge or vengeance?:  Vengeance.  Baby.

What would be your victory song?:  "Super Happy Fighting Won Now You're Awesome Celebrate NOW!!"

What is your signature move?:  HICC-UPPERCUT!

What’s the biggest inside joke at Kapow-i GoGo?:  So, so many.  My favorite- "Ew.  Watermelon."

What is your favorite moment in Kapow-i GoGo?:  Every Kapow-i/Hicc-up interaction.

Why should we come see Kapow-i GoGo?:  You'll have so much fun with our epic adventure.  I've never seen or been a part of a play like this, it's going to be amazing.