Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Go Go Time with...Andy Miller

Name: Andy Miller

Hometown: Troy, Mi

Education: BFA in Theatre from Michigan State University!

Who do you play in Kapow-i GoGo?: Gosh, who don't I play? I'm the Woogli, Treeleaf, all of the Police Officer Shellys, Thunderbot Salmon, Thunderbolt minion, Giggle Go Go and 1/3 of a mountain monster.

Describe your character(s) in three words: Well this is tricky, Quirky, Creative and Spunky

Tell us about Kapow-i GoGo: It’s a nonstop rollercoaster of emotion, colors, fighting and nostalgia!

Describe Kapow-i GoGo in three words: Kick Ass Chick!

What’s the wildest costume you wear in Kapow-i GoGo?: I get to be the embodiment of cute and float around on my own little cloud!

What’s your favorite all-time afterschool cartoon?: I was a big “Captain Planet” fan.

If you could be a character from any anime or cartoon, who would you be?: Kim Possible

Which company member has the most larger than life personality?: Karsten Otto, he has the best, worst ideas

Which company member is most likely to get lost in this world?: Matt Cox

Most likely to actually be a cartoon character in real life?: Probably Evan Maltby, his cartoon acting is on point

Most likely to be a super villain?: Eliza Simpson, she's so nice and beautiful, I bet its because she's secretly evil...

Most likely to go on an epic journey?: Mike Axelrod.  And he would make a lot of friends along the way!

Who’s the best fighter?: Keola Simpson. I mean look at him, he could for sure beat people up

Revenge or vengeance?: Vengeance sounds prettier

What would be your victory song?: Anything written by Brian Hoes, he's a genius

What is your signature move?: My characters usually get killed or hide, so I dont really have one.

What’s the biggest inside joke at Kapow-i GoGo?: probably how good everyone is at doing a Mr. Smiles (Karsten's part) impression.

What is your favorite moment in Kapow-i GoGo?: At the end of part 1 there is a really sad scene, and I just love how this funny show can also break your heart.

Why should we come see Kapow-i GoGo?: Its crazy!!!! Come for the comedy, come for the wonderful acting, come for the pretty costumes and props!! Just come see it!!!


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