Wednesday, November 12, 2014

The 7th Inning Stretch with...Matthew Dudley

Name: Matthew Dudley

Hometown: New York City is my home.

Education: I’ve trained all over with many different people.

Tell us about Stripped: Stripped is about a man who’s wife has just died and he is struggling to hold on to people he loves as they struggle with the challenges of finding their way in the world.

Describe Stripped in 3 words: Charming, funny, earnest

Who do you play in Stripped?: Joseph Munson

Describe your character in 3 words: Fragile, paternal, hopeful

Are you a baseball fan or a baseball player?: I’m a baseball fan and I throw with my high school son, who is a pitcher.

What’s your favorite MLB team?: I root for The Yankees

Which company member is most athletic?: Without question, I’m the most athletic but its pretty evident that most of our cast is fairly committed to working out at the gym.

Most competitive?: Its got to be either playwright Tyler Grimes or actor Ben Diserens, as they both often show up at rehearsal wearing  jersey’s from some California baseball team. I forget which one. Dodgers? I know its one that started in New York.

Most likely to work at a strip club?: Well, many of the cast members could meet the aesthetic requirements for a job in a strip club but I’d be shocked if any of them would be willing to give up the sort of money they’re making in the theater.

Most likely to be a pro baseball player?: Out of deference to my son who works very hard at his baseball skills as high school player, I don’t think we’ve got anybody in this cast who will be drafted. But then again, look what the Giants did with that lot.

Most likely to wake up next to you in a jail cell?: I’ve only just met all of them but I’m going to be surprised if the entire cast doesn’t say Ben Diserens. Just looking at the guy, you know a walk to the train could lead to trouble.

What’s your favorite ballgame snack?: sunflower seeds.

What is the best part about being a part of Stripped?: Watching the boys bounce off of each other both physically and through their humor is pretty funny.

What’s your favorite moment in Stripped?: It’s not a single moment, but watching Sarah soften to Hobbes relentless petitions for affection is a process I’m enjoying.

Why should we come see Stripped?: I think the cast of characters is very charming. Tyler Grimes has written a funny compelling script and these actors are filling it out well with their humor and sensitivity.