Monday, November 10, 2014

The 7th Inning Stretch with...Claire Rothrock

Name: Claire Rothrock

Hometown: Seattle, WA

Education: BFA from NYU, MA from the Central School of Speech and Drama

Tell us about Stripped: Stripped is about how people cope with and battle their deamons. We follow Diana, a stripper and Chester, an ex Marine, as they are both trying to move forward in their lives after living through terrible tragedies but their past keeps getting in the way and interfering.

Who do you play in Stripped?: I play Sarah, your friendly, neighborhood stripper.

Describe your character in 3 words: Sassy, brash, protective

Are you a baseball fan or a baseball player?: I suppose a fan, although being a Mariners fan has it's own set of unique challenges.

What’s your favorite MLB team?: The Mariners, I have to say the Mariners.

Which company member is most athletic?: I have a feeling Chole could take us all.

Most competitive?: oh me, I win. I win right?

Most likely to work at a strip club?: Obviously Tyler Grimes, he doesn't even have to change his name!

Most likely to be a pro baseball player?: I'm pretty sure Lisha could manage a ball team, that count? the rest of us would all be terrible.

Most likely to wake up next to you in a jail cell?: I'd be surprised if it wasn't Jordan.

What’s your favorite ballgame snack?: It use to be dippin' dots, remember dippin' dots? but I like a good old fashioned hot dog usually. Or at Yankee Stadium I gotta get those garlic fries.

What is the best part about being a part of Stripped?: The snacks at rehearsal! and also the funny weirdo doing the show with me, they're pretty great.

What’s your favorite moment in Stripped?: There's a wiffle ball scene that's very funny and all the guys are shirtless and I don't mind that.

Why should we come see Stripped?: This is an exciting new play with great actors in it, why wouldn't you come?