Tuesday, October 28, 2014

The Princess Diaries with...Livie Casto

Name: Livie Casto

Education: NYU - Steinhardt

Hometown: Vacaville, CA

Tell us about Royal Fables: Royal Fables is a really interesting new piece that explores the untold truths behind all of your favorite fairytales!

Describe Royal Fables in three words: Challenges narrow mindedness.

Who do you play in Royal Fables?: Scheherezade

Describe your character in three words: Protector, fighter, heroine

True love is _____?:  Honest and real. It requires a lot of work and sacrifice, but in the end it means sharing your life with someone who will bear witness to the little changes and growths you make each day, for better or for worse, and appreciate you for all of them.

The best thing about playing a princess is _____?: I wouldn't exactly call her a princess, but it's cool to play someone who is so strong and fearless.

Who is your celebrity Prince Charming?: Ed Westwick. Well... Ed Westwick as Chuck Bass.

If you could be any fairy tale princess who would you be?: Jasmine :)

What is your favorite moment of Royal Fables?: I could tell you... But that would give too much away!