Tuesday, October 21, 2014

The Princess Diaries with...Hayley Biegel

Name: Hayley Biegel

Education: Currently pursuing BM in Vocal Performance at NYU Steinhardt 

Hometown: White Plains, New York

Tell us about Royal Fables: It’s a seldom heard perspective of princesses and their more human characteristics. It sheds a little light on the reality of our dreams and how they don’t always come true and they aren’t always so wholesome.

Describe Royal Fables in three words: GIRL POWER...!

Who do you play in Royal Fables?: Rose Red

Describe your character in three words: disenchanted, jaded, (yet) hopeful

True love is____?: A lifelong process of mutual respect --- also chocolate. 

The best thing about playing a princess is_____?: Um, I’m a princess. And it’s nice to be able to play an often-dehumanized character in a humanizing way. 

Who is your celebrity Prince Charming?: Ryan Gosling, obviously.

If you could be any fairy tale princess who would you be?: Sleeping Beauty – no reason besides I think she’s really pretty 

Which company member is most likely to be an actual princess?: Sarah Treanor. 

What would be the most played song on your princess’ iPod?: "Best Thing I Never Had" – Beyonce 

What is your favorite moment of Royal Fables?: I really like "The Night Goes On" where all of our characters can interact.