Thursday, October 23, 2014

The Princess Dairies with...Jenifer Dillow

Name: Jenifer Dillow

Education: Currently a junior Musical Theatre major at Pace University

Hometown: St. Mary's County, MD

Tell us about Royal Fables: Royal Fables is a new song & dance cycle by Nick Luckenbaugh.  It tells the stories of all the beloved fairy tale princesses.  Unlike the Disney princess stories, this new musical takes these fairy tales and looks at the darker and deeper side to the tales.  There's an inner truth to each of the famous princesses that Luckenbaugh unlocks with his songs.  Each princess takes her mask off, revealing what the storybooks missed.

Describe Royal Fables in three words: Beautiful. Daring. Genius.

Who do you play in Royal Fables?: The Miller's Daughter

Describe your character in three words: Motherly. Fearless. Young.

True love is______?: Inexpressibly beautiful

The best thing about playing a princess is_____?: Living out a childhood dream and wearing the beautiful costumes

Who is your celebrity Prince Charming?: HUGH JACKMAN (I hope he sees this)

If you could be any fairy tale princess who would you be?: Belle

Which company member is most likely to be an actual princess?: Megan

What would be the most played song on your princess’ iPod?: Chopin's Fantaisie Impromptu

What is your favorite moment of Royal Fables?:  My favorite moment is the transition from Cinderella's song to the Twelve Dancing Princess' song.  It is genius.