Friday, September 5, 2014

The Dreaded Q&A with...Tony Curtis

Name:  Tony Curtis

Hometown:  Saugerties, NY

Education:  B.A. in Theatre Arts at SUNY New Paltz

Who do you play in Pageant Tales and Beauty Fails?:  I play the director.

Describe your character in three words:  Over-seeing collaborative comedian?

Tell us about Pageant Tales and Beauty Fails:  It’s "Miss Congeniality" meets "Best in Show". In so many words.

Describe Pageant Tales and Beauty Fails in three words:  Zany mockumentary comedy.

What beauty pageant would you win?:  Mr. Human-Cartoon

What pageant portion are you most likely to dominate?:  Talent… duh.

Which company member is most likely to lie, cheat, or steal their way to glory?:  I’m going to say Matthew solely because he and I steal references from "Family Guy" constantly.

Most likely to commit a beauty fail?:  Michael. And maybe me too.

Most likely to be involved in a scandal?:  Jay and Samantha – fitting, I know.

Most likely to win Miss Congeniality?:  Victoria. Not even cutting her own finger off would stop her from being humble and dedicated.

Most likely to be a future stage parent?:  Alexis.

Most likely to host a beauty pageant?:  Jay, in fact, I’m almost certain he has. (See his answer for further details)

Most likely to have a showmance:  Ha. I won’t rule out anyone that’s single…

Who's the most offensive?:  Me, but I try to spread it around equally.

Most ruthless?:  This is a tough question that always seems to carry a negative connotation and I want to preface this answer by saying that this is meant complimentary, that I think Kate and Ian have been ruthlessly professional since day one.

Best pageant cry?:  Julia. I asked her if she could cry in rehearsal once, and without time or effort – bam.

Sash, bouquet, or tiara?:  ….uhhh, na.

What is your favorite moment of Pageant Tales and Beauty Fails?:  When Brian spanks himself.

What is the most rewarding part about being a member of Pageant Tales and Beauty Fails?:  That’s easy. Working with a group of the most talented committed and professional actors that any director could ask for.

Why should we come see Pageant Tales and Beauty Fails?:  You should see Pageant Tales and Beauty Fails because this is one of those rare groups of actors and designers that, when put together, make miracles happen.