Wednesday, September 3, 2014

The Dreaded Q&A with...Ian Way

Name: Ian Way

Hometown: Santa Fe, NM

Education: Webster Conservatory

Who do you play in Pageant Tales and Beauty Fails?: Duffy (or the Duff-man, they're interchangeable)

Describe your character in three words: Nar-Nar Waves

Tell us about Pageant Tales and Beauty Fails:  A lighted hearted romp through the misgivings and ineptitudes of a fictional beauty pageant where little goes as planned.

Describe Pageant Tales and Beauty Fails in three words: Depicted; Enormous; Vicariously

What beauty pageant would you win?:  Little Miss Star Wars

What pageant portion are you most likely to dominate?: Talents, I got lots of 'em

Which company member is most likely to lie, cheat, or steal their way to glory?: Michael

Most likely to commit a beauty fail?:  Definitely, me.

Most likely to be involved in a scandal?:  Madeline

Most likely to win Miss Congeniality?:  Victoria

Most likely to be a future stage parent?:  Alexis

Most likely to host a beauty pageant?:  Tony

Most likely to have a showmance: Heather

Who's the most offensive?: Samantha

Most ruthless?:  Kate

Best pageant cry?: Matthew

Sash, bouquet, or tiara?: Bouquet; they're fragrant and beautiful.  While the sash and tiara will only be a reminder of the beauty you once possessed.

What is your favorite moment of Pageant Tales and Beauty Fails?: PRAISE MARONI!!

What is the most rewarding part about being a member of Pageant Tales and Beauty Fails?:  Working with such a wonderful company of actors.

Why should we come see Pageant Tales and Beauty Fails?:  You've burned through your Netflix queue.

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