Tuesday, August 26, 2014

The Dreaded Q&A with...Heather Cadarette

Name: Heather Cadarette

Hometown: Hemet, CA

Education: BA, UCSD

Who do you play in Pageant Tales and Beauty Fails?: Bonnie Rae

Describe your character in three words: Evil, young, competitive

Tell us about Pageant Tales and Beauty Fails: Reality show on stage

Describe Pageant Tales and Beauty Fails in three words: Staged reality show

What beauty pageant would you win?: This one

What pageant portion are you most likely to dominate?: Talent

Which company member is most likely to lie, cheat, or steal their way to glory?: Matt

Most likely to commit a beauty fail?: Tony obviously

Most likely to be involved in a scandal?: Michael

Most likely to win Miss Congeniality?: Sophie

Most likely to be a future stage parent?: My mamma, Victoria

Most likely to host a beauty pageant?: Jay

Most likely to have a showmance: Ian. Jk he's married.

Who's the most offensive?: Alexis. Not.

Most ruthless?: Julia

Best pageant cry?: Kate

Sash, bouquet, or tiara?: Tiara

What is your favorite moment of Pageant Tales and Beauty Fails?: The talent portion. Let it go.

What is the most rewarding part about being a member of Pageant Tales and Beauty Fails?: getting to sing my favorite song.

Why should we come see Pageant Tales and Beauty Fails?: to see me sing my favorite song.

For more on Pageant Tales and Beauty Fails, visit facebook.com/pageanttalesandbeautyfails. For tickets, visit Smart Tix.