Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Review: Australian Comic Gold

A stand up show during a theater festival? That doesn't sound right. As the star coyly says as he starts his set, think of it as story telling. In Joel Creasey in Rock God, the Australian comic star spends an hour entertaining a “foreign” audience with tales of from his own personal heroes to embarrassing stories of unrock god like antics.
Everyone wants to be a super star but seldom get to achieve it. In Joel Creasey's solo show, the comedic import shares anecdotes about his female celebrity crushes, fan encounters, being gay, and mommy and me Zumba classes. Creasey is a natural storyteller, engaging the audience and making them feel as they're a part of his stories. Creasey has an insane ability to land a joke even when the punch line can be seen a mile away. The baby-faced star is filled with crude language that makes it hilarious to hear come out of his seemingly innocent mouth. Creasey adopts a hysterical demonic voice that serves as the voice of the other characters in his bit, including his loveable mother, who happened to be in the audience. Throughout his act, Creasey downplays his star status but the real punch line comes at the end when he reveals his true moment of ultimate rock god. The ending was funny and sentimental, proving that Creasey is the full package.
Joel Creasey may not be a household name in the States but he should be. If you have an opportunity to see this true rock god before he explodes as a comic diva here, you should. You can always say remember when! And make sure you remind him of it when you make it big too.