Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Round Up Time with...Eugenio Vargas

Name: Eugenio Vargas

Hometown: Oak Ridge, Tennessee

Who do you play in Little Mac, Little Mac, You're the Very Man?: Bugs Bunny, Ronald McDonald, Ben Franklin, a generic old man, the Tri-Star Pegasus, JFK, a saloon banjo player, a cow, Tiger Woods, and for a hot second, myself.

Tell us about Little Mac, Little Mac, You’re the Very Man: I could, but then I'd have to kill you.

Describe Little Mac, Little Mac, You’re the Very Man in 3 words: Madcap, nostalgic, communist. (To be clear, I'm not nostalgic for communism...)

Which company member is a West West Outlaw: Sarah Daniels (playing Taylor Swift). She's pretty and nice and a total badass.

Most likely to achieve the American Dream and/or be rolling in the dough?: Joe. He's the youngest in the company, and thus hasn't made as many poor life choices to set him on the road to ruin as the rest of us

Most likely to become a future famous pop culture icon?: Sarah Daniels. Have you seen her social media presence?

Most likely to multiple personality disorder (as a result of this show)?: I mean, after this show, this could really be any of us other than Tom and Sarah, who are the only ones who only play one character. I'm already having a hard time distinguishing between myself and the cow I play in Scene 2...

Who’s the fastest gun slinger?: Cory. It's actually kinda terrifying.

Who’s the best singer?: I plead the 5th.

Who’s the most offensive?: I'd actually have to throw this one to James and Sean Patrick, the guys who wrote the show. They are equal opportunity offenders, and have found the perfect balance of being offensive to just about everyone and everything in one way or another throughout this show, which makes it ok.

If you could grab a beer with one pop culture icon from Little Mac, Little Mac, You’re the Very Man, who would it be?:
Bugs Bunny, hands down. That guy is a LEGEND.
What pop culture icon do you think should’ve made an appearance in Little Mac, Little Mac, You’re the Very Man?:
I feel like we could have used a good musical theatre diva. You know, a nice Ethel Merman or Patti Lupone. I don't know how exactly she would have fit in, but then again, before reading the script, I couldn't have told you how Waxy Gordon, Marvin the Martian, and Ben Franklin would fit in either.

Why should we come see Little Mac, Little Mac, You’re the Very Man?: Someone, I can't remember who, referred to Little Mac as the stage version of The Lego Movie. I think that's pretty accurate in a lot of ways, ways that may or may not be clear when you see the show. And the Lego Movie was awesome. Ergo, our show is awesome. The only thing is we don't have our version of Everything is Awesome, but I'm working on getting the guys to write it and add it in.