Monday, August 19, 2013

Review: Funny Love

First comes love. Check. Then comes marriage. Hmm. Then comes baby in a baby carriage. Not gonna happen. And that’s basically Trish and Rick’s relationship in a nutshell. In The Adventures of Boy and Girl, Trish and Rick are over but through hilarious snippets, we see why.
Written by youngsters Alec Grossman and Rachel Kaly, the script is nothing short of entertaining. If you read this play on paper, you’d probably say, “Oye this again?” but with the brilliant aid of director Patrick Vassel, The Adventures of Boy and Girl is a hit. And thankfully, there were two brilliant comedic actors on stage who embody the perfect couple. Matthew Goodrich and Margy Love lifted Grossman and Kaley’s words and turned it into an outstanding and hilarious comedy. Goodrich and Love have an insane amount of chemistry as Rick and Trish. They are able to riff off of each other flawlessly. Love plays the typical girly-girl Trish with spunk. Goodrich, with the boy next door good looks, plays the nonchalant douchebag Rick easily, but it’s when he reveals Rick’s secrets, there’s no wonder Trish has fallen for this teddy bear of a guy.
Grossmand and Kaly have a way with keeping recurring jokes funny and relevant throughout, something that can be hard to do. Again, having two tremendous talents on stage help make this triumphant. April Bartlett’s set works wonders for the fast-paced comedy. Boxes and boxes filled with momentos and chachkies are strategically placed and revealed at pristine moments of the show.
If you’re looking for a funny, yet short, night out, check out The Adventures of Boy and Girl. With two spectacular performances, you’ll be sure to laugh your butt off.