Thursday, July 25, 2013

Storming the Castle with...Rachel Goodgal

Name: Rachel Goodgal

Hometown: Wyckoff, NJ

Who do you play in The Castle: Barbara (officially: Cant’s Gang)

Tell us about The Castle: The Castle is an epic work that is a struggle to summarize.  It is a love story, but especially in act 2, it focuses mostly on the consequences of lost love.  It is a social commentary that spans diverse issues.  It requires intense concentration to follow and can be a trying experience for the audience.

Describe The Castle in 3 words: Complex, intense, emotional

Which company member is most likely to end up carrying a corpse for life?: Zukerman.  He could handle anything.

Most likely to have no opinion?: Everyone in this company has strong opinions.

Most likely to draw pornographic pictures?: No comment.  (…maybe I’m the one with no opinion…)

End up a prisoner?: Steve Dykes, but he’d talk his way out of it.

Be an actual witch?: Missa.  She has the hair for it.

To get pregnant after 40?: Sumi.  She’ll be young forever.

Who’s the best builder?: Eric Marlin

Why should we come see The Castle: The performances are incredible.  It has been a joy for me to watch and learn from our amazing professional company of actors, and I think the audience will be blown away by some stellar performances.