Saturday, July 27, 2013

Rolling in the Dough with...Mari Vial-Golden

Name: Mari Vial-Golden

Hometown: San Francisco, CA

Who do you play in Serious Money?: Kathy, Smith, Ensemble

Tell us about Serious Money: It is a clever, dark comedy about the financial world in the '80's and greedy people who value money over everything else. (Which I find delightfully ironic since we are actors).

Describe Serious Money in 3 words: Money, greed, cocaine

Which company member is most likely to be the richest?: Madeley Crenshaw-Dykes. She's the youngest company member so if she starts now she has the most time to get rich.

Most likely to solve a murder mystery?: Steve Dykes. He seems to know everything...

Most likely to get offed?:
Definitely one of the men because the women have all the weapons. (Hot rollers, teasing combs, hairspray, and pounds of makeup that could be very toxic if "accidentally" ingested)

Who’s the sneakiest?: Alicia Evancho, choreographer and accompanist. She wears the coolest shades.

Sleaziest?: I don't know if I should answer this one.

Cocaine or champagne?: Both?

Favorite 80s song?: "Once In a Lifetime" - Talking Heads (very early 80's, I know, but you really can't beat it)

Why should we come see Serious Money?: Amazing dance numbers. Cool accents. Shocking language. You'll have a scandalously fun time.