Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Smash Report: Movers and Shakers

It’s only a few weeks away before we are relegated to the dreaded Saturday night, so let’s enjoy our time on Tuesdays while we can! We begin our night at a try out for Hit List at “Manhattan Theater Workshop” where Jimmy and Ana sing a nice little duet. Everyone’s impressed, including McSleazy and asks Collins/Jesse L if they have a slot for the team. He goes to talk it over with his team to see what options he has which then leads to a cameo made by the super awesome Dan Abeles as Blake the Lighting Designer! Over at Bombshell, Tom takes his reigns as director. And it’s not going so hot. Karen doesn’t quite feel it. Neither does the ensemble. Looking for reassurance, Julia and Tom chat about how without McSleazy they’re just having fun, until Tom suggests a Marilyn and mom scene remain cut. There goes the fun. Oh Julia no likey. Speaking of no likey, the cast of Liaisons hates all of Terry’s ideas. Small pox. He suggests small pox. Oye. Lets dodge that one and head back to Bombshell. The new choreographer at Bombshell gives “The National Pasttime” the over-tap treatment. Bring back McSleazy’s choreography! Tom tries to give Karen some direction but instead decides to be her. We all thought Tom was good with actors. Clearly not. He’s violated like so many unspoken rules. The only way things could go back to normal is if McSleazy signs a contract allowing for his choreography to be used. Something’s telling me unless Eileen has magic, he ain’t gonna budge.
Mr. Artistic Director offers the idea that Hit List would be better suited in their smaller, underground space. Why? Because of the subscribers. Oh how very true! The Blue Hairs don’t like edgy. They like classic. Jimle and McSleazy exit Manhattan Theater Workshop, which is actually New York Theater Workshop (4th St. much?), and argue about how to make their venture better and in a bigger space. McSleazy gets pissy and tells the boys that they need to do research at the opening of Liaisons. Oh they gonna hate it. Eileen and her offspring discuss how Jerry is a jerk. It’s a throwaway scene because we immediately see how awful Terry Falls is in Liaisons. Monotone much? These new changes are abysmal. McSleazy meets Karen in a bar where he compares himself to Bob Fosse. Excuse me! Gross! They whine and pine and somehow, McSleazy gets Karen to go do his dirty work of making Jimle fix their musical. Eileen meets with Julia and shares that Jerry never sent the choreography contract to McSleazy in hopes of bringing him back to Bombshell. Jerry is clearly not a team player. Eileen offers the chance for Julia and Tom to pull the plug on Bombshell in order to get rid of Jerry. Oh that’s a risky move! Will they?
Jimle brainstorm on how to fix Hit List. It’s pointless because Karen pops up with coffee to eavesdrop. Jimmy pulls the Ana card to play with Karen’s head while Karen tries to give support. And once again, Jimmy pushes her away because he can’t get the reality of the business (or love) through his thick head. McSleazy and Mr. Artistic Director meet at a local hangout on 4th St. to discuss how they can make Hit List a reality. Julia literally bumps into Mr. Artistic Director, whom she clearly has a past with, before she bombards McSleazy with the contract. She tries to get him to sign while she’s there but he’s weary. He plays the Peter card, which makes her storm out. The girl just can’t catch a break! Ana and Karen talk about how she’s upset that Jimmy doesn’t love her when they disocer Tom at their stoop. He grovels to get her support in rehearsal and proposes that she be his date to the opening of Liaisons. Karen’s worried that Ivy will be made (she’s worried about Ivy???) but Tom assures her it’ll be fine. Backstage at Liaisons, Terry Falls reveals that the theater message boards are calling him, and the show, meh. Clearly his worst review ever. Ivy reveals she wants out of the show while he wants her out because she’s too good. They theorize that if the show’s going down, they’ll go down in a blaze of glory, also known as sheeps, mirrors, and full frontal. Oye.
Seth Rudestky, in full cameo, meets Karen and Tom and tries to get them to spill the beans on Bombshell. They’re not on the same page giving Seth two completely different ideas. Uh oh. Jimle are in aww of what an opening night looks like. Forshadow for their future? McSleazy tries to teach them a lesson until Jimmy asks why he left Bombshell. McSleazy, in a British huff, walks away because clearly he has no idea. Eileen and offspring go through mementos that might catch Jerry in his lie and protect Tom and Julia. Julia comes in with a box that contains a contract that Eileen made with the Monroe Estate to use her diaries. Why is this important? Because Julia reveals she’s used the diary and found their silver bullet to get Jerry out. At the opening, Jerry tries to woo McSleazy, which Tom oversees. Tom storms over to try to go toe to toe with McSleazy. Something they are no strangers to. (Do we know their complete backstory yet……..) They exchange some heated words and verbal jabs to which Jerry ends with a you can come back to Bombshell McSleazy, it’s still yours. (Obviously not exactly like that) Oh no one saw that one coming! Oof. No one is gonna be focused on watching the bomb that is Liaisons now!
The colorful Liaisons opens with some sheep and a lavish musical number. It’s outrageous, filled with boob and face slapping, girls on swings, motorboating, sex, a swordfight, and a fall by Mr. Falls. How punny. It’s hilarious to be honest. After the show, Tom and Karen compliment Ivy and learn that there is no hope for Liaisons. Karen realizes that with Ivy free, Tom will probably want Ivy to play Marilyn. She proposes that she leaves the show so she can be in Hit List. Wait…you’re going to QUIT a BROADWAY show? Get this girl to a doctor! Karen announces that she’s quit Bombshell to Jimle and McSleazy. They are all shocked that she gave up a Broadway show for an underground show, and love. This brings us to a meeting of the minds where Jerry is escorted to his death sentence. If Jerry uses any of the lyrics from the Monroe estate, the show can be shut down or he can sign away the rights back to Eileen. Offspring plays the “I can’t believe you did that to mom” card, which clearly pulls at Jerry’s heart.
Terry announces that he’s leaving Liaisons and that the show will close at the end of the week. Ivy is thrilled. Freedom! Tom and Julia are waiting for Eileen until McSleazy walks in and allows for his choreography to be used in Bombshell. Eileen announces that Jerry has bequeathed the rights to her. Everything is back to normal, except they lack a star. Wait. Ivy is free. Will it be her? At Hit List, McSleazy offers a small rough snippet, which includes projections, of Jimmy singing a song from the show. The number explodes onto a huge stage with moving screens and lights, singing a song called “Rewrite This Story.” It’s a very fitting to all that’s happened thus far on the show. Karen is soon revealed and again, Karen and Jimmy have a duet. Is that the equivalent of sex on network tv? And just like that, Mr. Artistic Director loves the new direction and gives them the main stage. Jimmy is thrilled and asks Karen out on a date. Something clicked in his brain! But wait! Conflict! McSleazy tells Jimmy that Karen and he have a history and would be distracted if anyone messes with his love. Oh what a mean mean sleazy man!
So what did you think of the musical chairs of theater? Were you able to catch all the role swapping? What do you think will happen between this newfound, official, work triangle between Karen, Jimmy, and McSleazy? Will Jimmy swallow his pride for opportunity or will he blow it for a one dimensional relationship of duets with Karen? Oh, and Ivy. Remember her? Is Bombshell a hit with her as Marilyn?