Thursday, December 27, 2012

Photo Diary: Backstage at Restoration Comedy with Alex Mandell

We gave Restoration Comedy's Alex Mandell a camera to snap a few shots of what exactly happens behind the scenes at the greatest Kiki in New York! Take a look, if you dare, at all the scandalous images and what Alex had to say!

"I'm Italian!"

"We pretend to hate each other on stage, but in real life we're actually friends!"

A scene from their pre-show ritual

Alex the rabbler still trying to figure out how to work the "light box."


Clothes strewn about backstage...not an unfamiliar sight

Eloise sneakin' a snack backstage

Give me coy realness HUNTY!

Guys, his name is Finnian. FINNIAN. Could he get any cooler?

He works hard for it, honey.


James having a minor existential crisis

Jen gets meta

Justin Bieber rabbler gives me LIFE

Justin cozies up with a nice book and a...Gatorade

Liz helpin' a sistah out


My son just died from dysentery!

Our fearless Loveless

Our resident model

Self portrait

Serving up some rabble realness

Sorry ladies, he's taken.

Stop don't take a picture of me stop please I hate the camera ok fine just one no from this angle yes yes DO IT...

That's a real bird

The wigs have minds of their own. One seems to be consuming another here...

Thoughtful. Serene. Cherubic.

What's the tea?